Kendra Scott Elle and Alex Earrings for $38!!!

I’ve blogged about it before, but I have a serious problem with shopping on Amazon Prime.  I know that I’m paying for the “free” shipping with my annual Prime membership, but I more than get my money’s worth out of that membership. I’m a big part of the reason Amazon keeps raising the cost of Prime since it isn’t totally abnormal for me to place more than one order in a day. And because there is an Amazon distribution center in Phoenix, I often get the benefit of Sunday delivery and orders occasionally showing up within 24 hours. If I can order it on Amazon and avoid a trip to the store with my two crazy kids, 10 out of 10 times I’m going to order it on Amazon. #primelove #myupsguyhatesme

Well, most of my Amazon orders are not exactly anything to blog about. Buying stuff like diapers, sippy cups and other totally obscure things are just part of my day-t0-day. But randomly today, I decided to see what Amazon’s selection of Kendra Scott jewelry looks like. Why, you ask? Because why not. These are the type of things a shopaholic does in her free time.

Unnamed image Unnamed image3

I was pretty excited to see Amazon had two colors of the Elle earrings (magenta here and cobalt blue here) 30% off, which brings them down to $38.50 (originally $55) AND they will ship for free with your prime membership.

Unnamed image (1)

Here’s a better picture to show the size of the Elle earrings. They are big, but not as big as the Danielle style. I have a pair of Danielle earrings and I wish they were the size of the Elle earrings instead.

Unnamed image (1)Unnamed image

I also found magenta and slate Alex earrings on sale for the same price. As if I wasn’t already tempted!

In case you didn’t know, Kendra sells these Lobe Wonder stickers to help reinforce your earlobes if you have problems with bigger earrings. I’ve never tried them, but apparently they really help if you have weak lobes.

I’m pretty sure all of these would look amazing with the Easter dresses from yesterday’s post. Happy hump day!