Stella and Dot Sale!

I’ve always been a fan of Stella and Dot jewelry. About five years ago, I attended my first Stella and Dot jewelry party. You know, one of those somewhat annoying parties you are invited to where, in theory, you aren’t obligated to buy anything. ┬áIf you accept the invite, you attend pretty much knowing you won’t walk out empty handed. Personally, I rarely turn down opportunities to hang out with friends, drink wine on a weekday and shop. Actually, maybe I don’t dislike multi-level marketing parties at all. #whoknew

It has been a few years since I attended my last jewelry party, but Stella and Dot sure hasn’t removed me from their email list. And I haven’t unsubscribed because I enjoy looking at pretty baubles while I’m waking up in the morning. I was excited this morning when I saw Stella has a few really cute pieces on sale which you can purchase online. No party required, although I wish jewelry sold online still came with a glass of wine. Wouldn’t that be nice?


I’m pretty sure one of the reasons most of us have been to a jewelry party is because of the statement necklace. Stella and Dot practically invented them and man, she does them well. I absolutely love the spring colors in this Tropicana statement necklace. Usually her statement necklaces are a tad spendy in my opinion, but this one is only $39.20 (originally $98). This would look so adorable paired with a plain colored dress for Easter!


I love the whole layered necklace look that is going on everywhere these days. However, I find it pretty hard to do because unless you buy pieces meant to be paired together because the lengths often don’t line up correctly. I like this Fortuna Stone Drop pendant necklace set, where you can wear the necklaces individually or paired together for the layered look. Not quite as good of a bargain as the statement necklace above at $47.40 (originally $79), but still not terrible for two necklaces. Available in both silver and gold.


Aren’t these Jardin chandelier earrings cute? I’ve always loved the teal/lime green combo together for some reason. The colors totally pop together and are basically begging for compliments. Good price too at $19.60 (originally $49).

A couple more sale items are available here. How do you feel about jewelry parties? Would you rather shop with your friends while drinking wine, or on your own couch (potentially with a glass of wine in hand)?