Pottery Barn (and Kids and Teen) Friends and Family

Pottery Barn, as well as Pottery Barn Kids and Pottery Barn Teen rolled out their friends and family sale starting today through 2/15/2016 using code FRIENDS. It is pretty rare when Pottery Barn offers 20% off your entire purchase. I periodically get 20% off one item coupons from PB, but that doesn’t help much if you want to buy more than one pillow.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Facebook posts asking if anyone has a Pottery barn coupon. It makes me laugh because I rarely see people ask for coupons to other stores. I’ll take 20% off my entire purchase any time I can get it. Unfortunately, be aware, furniture is excluded. Damn you, Pottery Barn, with your exclusions. We all love your furniture and would appreciate a deal on a table, too.

driftwood-wall-art-c sheridan-planked-wood-wall-art-c

I recently have been looking to replace some of the artwork in my house. I look at it every single day and some of the stuff hanging on my walls is starting to look outdated. I don’t exactly use any of my handbags from 6 years ago, so why do I still have the same pictures hanging on my walls? I really like both of these pieces and could picture both hanging in my house. The driftwood circle piece is already on sale and with the extra 20% off, it comes down to $223.99 (originally $399). The artwork on the right features painted reclaimed wood pieces to create a cool design. In theory, my husband who enjoys woodworking could make me something similar, but if I add it to his to-do list, it might be another 6 years before it ends up on my wall. Hmmm, it might be worth the sale price of $319.20 (originally $399) to get it up there before it goes out of style.


I’ve been looking around for a new duvet cover for our master bedroom for a while. I absolutely love this classic white duvet with a thin border (multiple colors available), but unfortunately, I don’t think white works for my family. My kids often eat snacks in our master since it is on the first floor, we have a dog, and my husband tends to bleed a lot. White is an awful idea for us, but it could be perfect for a less-crazy family than mine. It is already on sale so the additional 20% off brings it down to a really good price.


There were a couple things on the Pottery Barn Kids site that caught my eye. My daughter is 18 months old and I know that her days in her crib are limited. My son started climbing out of his crib at 22 months, and she is more of a climber than he was at her age. I’m already starting to think about how I want to re-do her room for a big girl bed. How adorable is this Stella tassel duvet cover? I’m not sure if it is 100% perfect for us (see my comments above regarding white bedding), but oh, those tassels are about as cute as can be.


One of my absolute favorite Pottery Barn Kids things are their hooded towels. I love the bath towels, too, but this year, I really need to invest in a couple new beach towels. My son would flip out if I bought him this construction truck towel, and I love the pink and blue whale towel for my daughter. The full-size hooded towels are $23.20 with the discount. They also have baby sized towels which are a tad cheaper.


I don’t have a good place for these, but aren’t these utility boards cute? I can totally picture weekly calendars, reminders and messages to my kids written on them. and the little shelf on the bottom makes a ton of sense. They are already on sale so with the extra 20% off, they come down to $55.99 (originally $129).

Anything catch your eye on this Pottery Barn sale? Am I the only one angry about the fact furniture is excluded?