Birkenstocks 30% Off

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I’ll admit, last summer when I saw people everywhere walking around in Birkenstocks, my initial reaction was NO WAY, NOT EVER AGAIN. I was absolutely one of those who owned a pair of strappy Birkenstocks back in the 90’s and I loved them for years. However, when I retired them, I thought I retired the brand for life. #byebyebirks

As last summer went on, I have to admit, I warmed up to them again. I didn’t actually buy a pair, but I thought about it. I even stopped in a few stores to see if they had the Gizeh style (shown above), which appeared to be sold out everywhere on the face of the earth. I moved on in my Tory Burch’s and didn’t think much of it.

What I did learn in last summer’s research is Birkenstock’s rarely go on sale (who knew?!?!) and they can be tough to find. I’m assuming the brand has done a better job this year planning for the demand, but if you were one of those who badly wanted some hard-to-find Birks, this sale is totally for you. I’m still on the fence if I really want to make the leap back to a pair of the legendary cork-soled sandals, but this sale is making me think long and hard about it.

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I have to give Brad’s Deals credit for finding this sale because I’ve personally never heard of Bon-Ton before. Use codeĀ FEB10SAVE30 for 30% off and code FREESHIP25 for free shipping. With the codes, a pair of Gizeh’s (my favorite) come down to $66.47. There are some other styles available, too, but if you are looking for an updated look, go with the Gizeh’s. If you are looking to reclaim your 90’s shoes, go with the classic strappies. I even saw some of the old school clogs available on Bon-Ton. I highly recommend avoiding the clogs. Please, don’t order the clogs. Leave them in the 90’s where they belong.

How do you feel about the return of Birkenstocks?