Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Men Under $50

I know, I know, wasn’t Christmas like, yesterday?

I don’t believe Valentine’s Day needs to be another big gift-giving event. However, there is nothing wrong with giving your love something they would love to show them how much you love them. Or something like that…. #confusing

My hubby and I do not exchange gifts every single Valentine’s Day, but will at least make an attempt to do something fun together sans kids. But since I clearly have a shopping problem and my husband has a terrible habit of coming up with things he wants after Christmas, I occasionally will splurge and buy him an actual gift for hearts day.

I haven’t decided what route I’m going for him this year, but here are a couple good gift ideas for guys I came up with:


My husband really loves beer. And not just drinking beer, but trying new, interesting kinds of beer. I bet he even would agree with me when I say this, but over the years he has become quite a bit of a beer snob. For such a beer lover, I’m surprised he hasn’t ventured into making his own beer. I found these really cool beer making kits by Brooklyn Brew Shop. While make-your-own beer kits have been around forever, this company has a ton of different types of beer you can make. My dude prefers double IPA’s – the hoppier, the better. I think they are disgusting, but I suppose we don’t have to see eye-to-eye on everything. They even sell the mixes separately in case your first batch is a total success and you want to venture into batch #2. Use code NOWORKDAY for 20% off your online order. You can also find the kits in stores at Whole Foods, World Market and Bed, Bath and Beyond.


No, this is not a picture of me and my hubby in a loving moment. But, I do think this is a pretty cool product. For Christmas, I bought my husband a picture from Basically it is an actual piece of wood with whatever picture you choose printed on the front. Kind of an updated version of the canvas pictures we all likely have hung around our house. You have the option to add ribbon for hanging, stain to the side, distressing, etc… to really customize your pic. It turned out really cool and no frame is needed since the wood is unique by itself. Right now PhotoBarn has a promotion for a free 5×7 print where you only pay for shipping, and all additional 5×7’s are only $9. I want to say shipping is around $10 so make sure to factor that in. I love this idea because it would be a very cute “family” gift to dad if you have a good recent picture. Although finding a good picture is the toughest part!


My husband also is big golf-lover. Typical guy, right? Drinks beer, loves his family and plays golf. Well, if you guy’s also into golf, it might be worth checking out this cool new golf company called Vice Golf. I haven’t touched a golf club in over 5 years (putt putt doesn’t count) so I personally know nothing about them, but supposedly they have some good new technology. A set of balls or a new glove would totally be a hit for any golfer.


If you can’t come up with anything tangible your guy might like, go for an experience. is one of my favorite sites for discount experiences. Things like race car driving, hot air balloon rides, BBQ classes or spa days (yes, guys like massages, too) all sound amazing. And better yet, pick out something you’d enjoy and tag along for the day spending some quality time together. #winwin

Any other good Valentine’s Day gift ideas out there?


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