Anthropologie Winter Essentials – Additional 40% Off

For those of you on the east coast preparing for a winter blizzard, this post is probably a couple days too late. However, since you’ll probably be stuck inside your house, what else do you have to do this weekend (other than potentially shovel snow) except shop online for some goodies to help keep you warm.

I used to absolutely love buying hats, gloves and scarves in the winter. They help spice up that boring winter coat you’ve been wearing day in and day out, plus they serve a purpose. I don’t have much of a use for them anymore since I live in Phoenix (don’t hate me, the high tomorrow is 74 degrees), but that doesn’t mean I can’t look at all the cute cold weather gear out there. #accessoryenvy #notweatherenvy

I’m not the biggest Anthropologie shopper out there. Some of the stuff is a tad too hip for my style, but on occasion, I’ll stumble across something really amazing there. Let’s put it this way, if I had one hour at a mall, I probably wouldn’t go in Anthro. If I had three hours, I would. Not that I know what three whole hours of uninterrupted shopping time would be like with two kids, but it sounds glorious.

Anthropologie has an additional 40% off all sale items going on right now using code XTRA40. While there were a few other cute things I found on the site, I was really, really drawn to all the cute winter essentials.

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How awesome is this colorful knit scarf and the matching knit beanie? One of the reviews actually said they are so soft that it is like touching fluffy new soft snow. Both the hat and scarf received all 5 star reviews and are as cute as can be. But the best part is the price. The scarf is $17.97 (originally $58) and the hat is $11.97 (originally $39.50)  with the promo code.


On top of that, they have coordinating mittens in the same material. They also come in pink, mint and yellow, but I prefer the white since they would match with everything. And they are only $5.97 (originally $29.50) with the coupon code!!!! Yes, less than $6!! I kind of want a pair for my next trip to visit my family in cold-weather locations…


I also love the gorgeous colors on this blanket scarf. The product description claims it is plaid, but it is hard to tell from this picture. Really pretty though for $23.97 (originally $78).


And if you are totally over your winter coat by now, this Windowpane Car Coat is perfect. I don’t think it would quite go with the scarves above, but it is so classic that it doesn’t need accessories to make it cute. With the code it comes down to $119.97 (originally $248).

Stay warm and safe out there this weekend!