My Husband’s New Favorite Shoes

Before I get distracted talking about shoes, I want to let everyone know I’m over at Scottsdale Mom’s Blog today talking about how signing my son up for preschool totally stressed me out. I’m sure those of you with little ones can relate in one way or another.

Now, back to shoes.

But probably not the type of shoes you expected. Men’s shoes. You know, because guys can wear cool shoes, too.

Unnamed image (16)

I first blogged about the Saucony Jazz Low Pro shoes back in December when I put together my men’s gift idea post. When I put that list together, it was as much for myself as it was for others because I actually ordered the shoes for my husband. And not just one pair. Two pairs – the black pair above and the grey pair below. Partially because I got such a mega deal and because I know he appreciates options.

Unnamed image (10)

Not only did he love the look of them, he can’t stop raving about how comfortable they are. He’s actually declared them his new favorite shoes. To get a guy to even talk about shoes is a big deal so a declaration that big is worth sharing with the world. They even came with two different colors of shoe laces. #options

¬†We ended up returning the grey pair because we realized he has an old pair of New Balances that look almost identical, but he wasn’t going to settle with just one pair. He exchanged them for the following blue pair:

Unnamed image (17)

I realize they look a tad crazy in the picture, but they are really good looking in person. A slightly different style (these are the classic retro instead of the Low Pro), but equally as awesome.

Now, pricing. By far, I’ve found the cheapest pricing on Amazon. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out how Amazon prices their shoes because every time I click on a different size or color, the price changes. But I paid about $28 for the grey pair, $40 for the black pair and $30 for the blue pair. I can’t guarantee those prices will exist for your guy’s size, but that gives you a general idea of what they might cost. That’s really inexpensive for shoes!

Any other guy’s shoes out there we should know about?