Workout Wear For Your Resolutions

I read that the #1 new year’s resolution has to do with being healthier or losing weight. This doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. I’m right there with you, America. This year, I’m resolving to eat healthier and cut wayyy back on my beloved Diet Coke. Hello meal planning and good bye aspartame!

For those of you resolving to work out more often, what better way to start the year than some new workout gear. Even though I already have a good workout routine in place (thanks Fit4Mom), I love grabbing a few new things to wear while hitting the pavement/gym/treadmill/etc… Am I the only one who is more willing to work out when I’m wearing something cute?!?

V460837_OM_F V458106_OM_F

I’ve gotta give it to Victoria’s Secret. I went to the mall today to do a few returns and I totally fell for their current marketing campaign. Through January 20th, Vicky’s is giving away a free pair of tights or crops when you make a full-price sports bra purchase using code GIFTSPORT. I’m not going to go into details, but mine badly need to be replaced. Let’s just say after two kids, it is time.

I went with the Lightweight by Victoria’s Secret bra because it actually comes in band/cup sizes and not just S, M, L. I wouldn’t say it is lightweight support though. And get this, it was only $34.50 AND I still got the free pair of tights above. You could pick any pair of leggings in store or online and there are a ton of options to choose from. Since I was feeling a tad sassy this morning, I went with the Mayan Temple print Knockout tight, which retails for $69.50, but cost me $0.00.  I liked a lot of the other patterns, but a few of them had random VS’s sprinkled throughout that were a tad much for me. But if you need a new sports bra, totally take advantage of this promo. I’d recommend going into the store to avoid paying for shipping.

LW1M10S_019917_1 LW1M10S_019917_5

I also stopped in lululemon this morning to see what sales they had going on. I often find that lulu has totally different stuff on sale in their stores than online, and it is often cheaper. I stumbled across what might be my new favorite tank top in my closet on sale for $29: the Circadian Tank. It is still full price online ($48, whomp whomp), so if you think this one might be up your alley, I recommend checking your local store. It is one of those that is a tad looser but still form fitting, not too short or too long, and could easily be worn for working out or just everyday wear. I’m in love and pretty sure I’ll be stalking the We Made Too Much page to see if they add more colors on sale.

LW9943S_0001_1 LW9960S_021676_1

I also picked up a few pairs of undies from lulu, which are marked down to $9. I have zero experience with them, but my hubby loves the men’s boxer briefs so I figured the women’s are worth a shot. Click here for the hipster style and here for the thong. It isn’t clear online, but in the store they are marked:

Small: size 2-4

Medium: size 6-8

Large: size 10-12

The reviews online claim they run a tad small so keep that in mind when ordering, especially since they are final sale.


I also considered buying this runderful 1/2 zip, which goes for $69 online, but was marked $59 in the store. It is the grey heathered knit that lulu does oh so well. I realized I have a similar one from a few years ago so I held off, but that doesn’t mean you should. #peerpressure


The Zone In leggings are still marked down to $39. I originally blogged about these a month or so ago here. Every time I check the WMTM page, lulu adds more colors to this style. I’m guessing someone in planning and allocations really overestimated on these bad boys. I own a pair in red and they are wonderful for working out and don’t sag at all. However, since they do run a tad snugger than some of my other lulu leggings, they probably aren’t the pair you are going to want to put on if you are hanging on the couch watching movies all day. Get where I’m going with these? Great for the gym. Not the fat pants you wear while indulging in wine and pizza on a Saturday night. But worth it for $39? Probably.


The only thing I’m missing is a new pair of running shoes. I have an odd bone in my right foot that sticks out and I constantly wear holes in my shoes in that spot. About every six months, I have to buy a new pair because I literally have holes in my shoes. Doesn’t matter which brand. Holes. I’ve been running in a pair that is developing a new hole, so I’m on the mission to find a good shoe sale!

Well, remember these black and white speckled Nike’s I kept talking about before Christmas (here and here)? I received them for Christmas (thanks, Mom!!) and they are super cute in person, but they oddly feel like I’m going to run right out of the shoe. Almost like the back doesn’t go up high enough or something. So they are on their way back to as we speak. To anyone who needs new shoes, I highly recommend avoiding the Nike Free 5.0 V4 style.


So I’m still on the mission for new workout shoes. I’m thinking about maybe ordering these Asics FuzeX Lyte running shoes from Nordstrom. They aren’t on sale but aren’t too spendy at $79.95. For some reason I really want a plain old pair of black and white shoes this year. I’ve been rocking the crazy neon shoe look for the last 5+ years and I’m ready to tone it down a tad. Well, maybe.

I’ve always been a Nike girl when it comes to workout shoes, even though they aren’t rated well by all those shoe experts at the fancy running stores. But Nike has it figured out because their shoes always look cute. Well, I like this pair of Asics because they look a lot like Nikes and aren’t as, well, uber dorky as the rest of the Asics collection. And don’t get me started on Brooks. Until Brooks makes some major style changes, no way I’m even browsing their website to see what is on sale. #sorryshoeexperts

Do you need some new workout clothes to help out with your resolution this year? Even if you don’t make it to the gym, there is nothing wrong with wearing cute workout clothes while “running” errands (get it??).