My Favorite Black Friday Target Deals + Free Shipping

My favorite Target Black Fridaydeals

I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman who dislikes Target. Like all of you, I consistently spend way too much time and money every time I walk into a Target store. I’ve heard a rumor that some stores are considering adding a wine bar inside of them, which might be my personal downfall. As great as it sounds, I sort of hope my local stores doesn’t add a bar because I might never leave. Or my husband might ask me to go to therapy because I would probably start requesting to go there for our date nights. Let’s put it this way, it is probably better to separate wine and shopping for my own well being.

Target put out their Black Friday ad a week or so back, which has all kinds of amazing gifts inside for great deals. However, I’m not suggesting that you physically go to a Target store on Black Friday, because it will be an absolute zoo. Probably worse than a zoo because I’ve never seen gorillas fight over iPads before. My #1 tip for surviving Black Friday is avoiding the big box stores at all costs, that is unless you REALLY want a big ticket item.  I have a few more tips for Black Friday survival coming up next week.

Now you are probably wondering why the heck I’m writing a post about Target Black Friday deals if I’m telling you to stay away from the store. The answer is simple: ALL Target Black Friday deals are available online starting Thanksgiving morning. For real. Target confirmed it themselves on Facebook. That means you can shop from your jammies on your couch without the risk of bodily harm or fighting with a grandma over a parking spot.

<insert applause here>

Also, through Christmas, all online orders come with free shipping. You can check out the entire Target Black Friday ad by clicking here, but I’ve included my favorite deals below. Here’s the thing, I’m not 100% positive how the Black Friday deals will work online starting Thanksgiving morning. The ad allows you to create a “Quick List”, which I’m assuming will eventually turn into some type of shopping cart feature. Also, the ad doesn’t link directly to the product link, so I’ve done my best to link back to an item on their website, but the pricing on my links below might not automatically update on Thanksgiving. Complicated, I know. But I’m doing my best to point out the deals so hopefully it will work and save us some dough.


If I can get the sale price of $85 (originally $189.99), I might get my son one of these Audi electric ride on cars. His mind would be absolutely blown if he woke up to his own car on Christmas morning. And an Audi? Heck, it is nicer than my car. At a savings of $105, he just might own his very own sports car.


I’m going to be adding a new pair of headphones to my wish list for this year. I have some long flights ahead of me next year and my Apple ear buds just aren’t cutting it anymore. The Solo 2 Beats by Dr. Dre headphones are marked down to $96.99 (originally $199). Target claims this is their lowest price ever. I like the pink ones!


If you are pregnant, know anyone that is pregnant, or have a small children, you should probably add a Bob Revolution SE stroller to your wish list, especially since the Black Friday price is $289 (originally $459). That is by far the cheapest I’ve ever seen it going for. I own this exact stroller, as well as the double version and it is pretty much the best thing going for outdoor walks and runs. It isn’t small, so I wouldn’t recommend it as your only stroller for running errands and such, but if you are active, this is the one to get.


My son is obsessed with anything Paw Patrol. Almost every single morning, I wake up to a little red head staring me in eyes asking to watch Paw Patrol on TV (we made that mistake once and live to hear about it However, those little dog figurines are expensive! This 9 piece Paw Patrol set is perfect for him at $29.99 (originally $49.99). I did notice the product link says you should visit the store to purchase this item, but maybe they will add additional quantities online on Turkey Day. Calling one specific grandma, I know a little red head who would be happy to open this set on Christmas day.


The one thing I’m hoping to purchase on Thanksgiving is this Graco highback booster seat. The Black Friday price is $29.99 (originally $49.99), which is by far the cheapest I’ve seen it going for. My son still uses a car seat for everyday use and will continue to do so for a while, but we are hoping to get this booster for use while we are traveling. You can remove the back for kids over 40 lbs, and carrying the booster around the airport is a heck of a lot easier than traveling with a giant car seat.


Target has a TON of movies on sale from $4 – $10. Since I have a lot of kids to buy for, it is hard to pass up $4 movies. It looks like Paddington, Croods and Turbo are available in Blu-Ray for $4.


Here are the $6 titles. I’m hoping to get my son the Lego movie because usually movies with the blue stripe across the top of the box include the digital download as well. $6 has to be cheaper than paying for a movie on iTunes…


Am I the only one who loved Cabbage Patch Kids as a child? I had no idea they were still around, but my daughter would love this Cabbage Patch Kids play and travel set for $29 (originally $49.99). The little stroller and car seat are as cute as can be.


I was walking through my local Target this morning and spotted this faux fur vest. It was perfectly soft and the right length. However, I didn’t purchase it because ALL clothes, shoes, socks, wallets, handbags, jewelry, watches and other accessories I’m missing are 40% off during their Black Friday sale. That means this vest will come down to $20.99 (originally $34.99), so I’m absolutely waiting to see if I can snatch it on sale.


When was the last time you printed a picture and put it in a frame? Unless you recently had professional pictures taken, my guess is all your frames include pictures from many year ago. For that reason, one of my favorite gifts is framed pictures. Throw a print inside a frame and it is pretty much the perfect gift for any grandparent who can’t get enough of their grandkids. All frames are 50% off with a million different options to choose from.


While the Apple watch isn’t technically on sale, Target is offering a $100 gift card towards a future purchase for anyone who buys an Apple watch. They start at $349 for the 38mm size, which I recommend for women.  I got an Apple watch a couple months ago and love it. It is a totally unnecessary gadget, but I love the fitness tracker and the fact my texts come in through it. Does anyone else regularly get put on group texts where you phone beeps every 5 seconds? Well, with the watch you no longer have to continually type in your password to read what is going on because it comes up on your wrist. Amazing.

I know what I won’t be doing on Black Friday – shopping at Target. That’s because I will have already snatched up some deals online on Turkey day!