Christmas Pajamas

I don’t know what it is, but there is something so absolutely adorable about kids in Christmas jammies. Maybe because I have fond memories of spending Christmas Day in my pjs and playing with new toys, but Christmas jammies make me happy.

Here is the thing, you don’t want to wait another month to buy the kids Christmas pajamas. While my kids often wear holiday jammies year-round (who says the elf pjs from last year aren’t the perfect way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day??), it is nice to have them at least a month before Christmas so the little ones can wear them while they enjoy the entire season. Also, sizes always get picked over quickly on the cutest styles, so it makes perfect sense to act on the awesome sales going on right now.

Unnamed image (3)

You may have seen on Instagram (find me on IG at “thesensibleshopaholic”), I was lucky enough to attend a VIP opening for the new Hannah Andersson store which opened in Scottsdale. #bloggerperks. Well, I couldn’t resist buying my kids matching deer long johns. My son is three and is absolutely obsessed with his new reindeer pajamas. My daughter loves them, too, but she doesn’t really talk yet to tell me as much. They are super soft, organic cotton and amazing quality. I chose to buy them a size big so we can get two years of use out of the sets since they are a little pricy. The good news is this set is currently 30% off, bringing them down to $30.80 (originally $44).


Gap had these bear print pajamas last year, but they sold out like red velvet hotcakes. I was so excited when I saw this print was back again this year. And apparently, Santa has given us all an early gift because everything at Gap is currently 40% with free 3-day shipping using code RUSH, which brings them down to $16.17 (originally $26.95).


Crazy 8 has a huge “Buy One Get One for 88 Cents” sale going on right now, which includes everything in the store. These Santa jammies are originally $19.88, but if you buy a second pair or something else from the site, your second item is only $0.88. That’s amazing!! They also have free shipping going on today only (11/17).

lights pjs

Gymboree (sister company to Crazy 8) has every single item in the store marked down to $16.99 or less. The outerwear is probably the best deal going on right now, but the pajamas are all on sale, too. I love these lights pajamas, which are marked down to $14.99 (originally $22.95). Gymboree also has free shipping today only (11/17) using code SURPRISE.

plaid nightgownUnnamed image (4)

This plaid nightgown, also from Gymboree, is perfect if you have one of those daughters who will only wear dresses. They also have a matching plaid pant set for your little men out there. This is the perfect compromise if you are looking for matching jammies and don’t want to deal with the fight trying to coax your daughter into pants. Both the nightgown and plaid set are marked down to $14.99 (originally $26.95 and $32.95). Don’t forget to enter code SURPRISE for free shipping.


The family Christmas jammies sets have been around for a few years, but I still find them completely hilarious. This elf family set is available at Target in stores and online ranging from $12.99 – $24.99. Perfect price point since I doubt many adults are wearing their elf pajamas to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Target has free shipping, as well as a Buy One Get One 50% off promotion going on right now through Christmas, which includes all clothes and accessories.

In fact, my entire family invested in a very similar elf set to the one above from good old Target last year for our Christmas card. We had one of those cute taglines on our card saying something like “Happy Holidays, from our crib to yours” and took a picture with everyone in the baby’s crib. My husband might kill me for putting this picture out there publicly, but about 100 of our closest friends and families received a card last year with this picture:


Absolutely ridiculous, right?!?! About 50% of the people we sent cards to last year immediately texted us upon opening applauding us for our efforts. And me for convincing my husband to put on elf pajamas. The biggest challenge is trying to come up with an even better card idea year after year. I’m still brainstorming for this year.


Finally, this family set is also from Target, which features reindeer and snowflake one-pieces for the entire family. These also range from $12.99 – $24.99 and are included in the Buy One Get One 50% off and free shipping promotions.

Do you love Christmas jammies as much as I do?