Trend Alert: Slip On Sneakers

Does anyone remember wearing Keds as a kid?

Did I just age myself by asking that question? #suredid

When I first saw a ton of slip on sneakers popping up in stores earlier this year, I couldn’t help but think of the Keds I wore in middle school. Could this style really be coming back again? I wasn’t initially convinced, but the more I see people wearing them, the more I want a pair.

They are perfect for this time of year when temperatures are beyond flip-flop weather, but boots and socks can be a little much during the day. I absolutely love them paired with leggings and skinny jeans, and probably a gingham button-down shirt for good measure. #ginghamproblems

The best part about slip on sneakers…they are CHEAP! I’m talking most of the styles I found below are under $50. Who doesn’t like being comfortable for cheap?

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One of the reasons I think I initially questioned the slip on sneaker style was because I wasn’t sure if it was preppy enough for me. I felt like they would be perfect on a hipster teenager walking out of PacSun, but a mom with two kids who loves stripes and bright colors? However, as I was scrolling through the Nordstrom fall clearance sale, I found out Sperry has even jumped on the trend. If it is preppy enough for Sperry, I absolutely want a pair. Good old Nordy’s only had a size 8 (click here if you wear an 8), but after a quick Google search, I found them for even less on for $31.50 (originally $75). I can’t say I regular, but that is quite a sale. Maybe I need to start checking out going forward!


My BFF has a very similar pair of Vans to the quilted pair above, available at Madewell for $55. She swears they are crazy comfortable and has been wearing them constantly. I love the quilted flannel on these which gives them just that much more of a “fall” look.


I’ve always liked the Italian Superga brand. The traditional Superga sneakers typically have laces (who has time for that?), which remind me of Converse with a slightly cleaner look. I don’t own any Supergas (yet), but it makes me feel like I should be in Italy drinking wine and eating gelato. #iwish

There are only a couple sizes left of these Superga Cotu slip-ons, but if you are an 8.5 or 9.5, you should snag a pair immediately. Especially since they are only $38.96 (originally $64.95).


I love the simplicity of these grey Superga slip ons. The flannel material is similar to the Vans, but without the quilting. They are more expensive at $66.71, but maybe the added cost will bring you nightly dreams of wine and gelato. #againiwish


If you are more of a Converse fan, these laceless slip ons are really cute. I love the grey color and you won’t have to deal with your traditional Converse laces coming untied. And the best part is the price. If you can find your size, this pair is available on for $22.99 (originally $55).


I’ve always been a big fan of Tom’s. The company supports a great cause and they are always simple, comfortable and and relatively inexpensive. The Toms Avalon slip on is an updated version to the traditional Toms flat with a more supportive sole. These might make me an even bigger fan. I found the black pair on the Nordstrom clearance sale for $35.37 (originally $59), but again, sizes are crazy picked over. has the same style available with more sizes in blue, but they are slightly more expensive at $44.25.


These grey felt Toms recently caught my eye in a catalog Toms sent to my house. Believe it or not, I still like to flip through catalogs. Although it feels like such a waste to recycle piles upon piles of catalogs each week, it is fun to see what companies highlight with no flashing ads or miscellaneous pop-ups when browsing online. In my opinion, these are way too expensive for Toms at $79 (full price), but I’ll keep my eye on them for when they go on sale. And they will. They always do.


Even Tory Burch has jumped on the slip on sneaker bandwagon. I love these grey and blue Stardust sneakers, but they are spendy. I’m talking $134.90 (originally $225) on sale. That’s a lot of money for sneakers that aren’t made for running. Or jumping. These probably won’t be moving into my closet given the cheaper options, but don’t let me stop you. After all, they are 40% off.


Finally, there are a ton of metallic slip ons available on the market. I consider these Steve Madden Vicktori slip ons the “I want to be fancy, yet comfortable” shoes. And really, who doesn’t? Especially for $29.99 (originally $69)!!

Are you a fan of this laceless trend?