Tory Burch Private Sale with FREE SHIPPING!

Attention all Tory lovers!

Tory Burch just announced a big private sale today, which runs through October 26th. This is another one of those where I think the use of the word “private” is a little overzealous. Everyone is allowed in as long as you are willing to give TB your email address upon entry. Not exactly private, but I’m not complaining because I can’t get enough Tory in my life.

The best part about this sale: FREE SHIPPING! If there is one thing that will prevent me from making an online order, it is having to pay for shipping. I don’t know why, but I hate shipping charges. Since a ton of retailers offer free shipping now, I’m much more likely to buy when I’m not “giving away” an extra $5-10. The worst part about this sale (I know, there is always a bad with the good): final sale. Just make sure you love it or your goodies are cheap enough before you place your order.

Upon admission to this not-so-exclusive sale, I immediately navigated to the shoes. Because if there is one thing Tory Burch does well, it is shoes. And handbags. And jewelry. And probably clothes, I just can’t afford to buy any of those.

Anyways, the shoes. The first thing I noticed is there were A TON of flip flops marked down to $19!! That’s an amazing price! However, when I sorted by my size (I wear a 7.5 or an 8), there was not a single flip flop available.

<insert sad face here>

A few styles popped up when I sorted on 5’s and 6’s, but it is slim-pickings. If you wear a somewhat unpopular size, it might be worth checking to see if you can snag some of these bargain flip flops, but no luck for me.

download (3)

I did come across this pair of gold strappy espadrilles, which are marked down to $49. My gold millers are about to bust any day so I’m looking for a replacement pair. However, the reviews on these aren’t the best. But aren’t they cute? Since I prefer shoes that stay on my feet, I might try to resist this sale. Or maybe not.


There are a couple sizes still available in this double strap jelly style for $29 (originally $75) in coral (shown above) or hot pink. These got much better reviews than the espadrilles above and they are cheaper. #tempting

download (1)

I bet some of you are wondering why the heck I’m writing so much about flip flops in October. #1 I live in AZ so sandals are still my footwear of choice and #2 these are great deals. Stock up for next year. You will be happy I told you to.

These mini millers are on sale for $129 (originally $195). Still a tad spendy, but I love this classic style. A bunch of sizes and other colors available, too.

download (2)

These metallic revas scream fall. I love the bronze color and this style continues to be popular year after year. Just remember to size up because of that darn stretchy thing in the back.  These come down to $149 (originally $235).


These elastic espadrille flats caught my eye, especially since they are only $39 (originally $135). The color of these would be great for fall. Or spring. Or summer. Probably not for winter. I do not recommend shoveling snow in these.


This classic dena continental wallet is marked down to $99 and is available in black and luggage (brown). Original price is $195. If you need a new wallet you might as well SAVE $100. Because it is really about savings.


Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while now knows I’ve been looking for a black cross-body bag for ages. Since I primarily tote around a baby bag, I haven’t had the courage (can I call it that?) to splurge on one yet. But I love this kolbe cross-body bag which is marked down to $149 (originally $350). Yes, this is over 50% off. #bargain


Finally, I have absolutely no need for this Kerrington square tote, but isn’t it awesome? I love the pattern and colors. If you need a new tote bag, buy this one. And tell me how awesome it is, just so I know someone else is appreciating it. It costs $199 (originally $295). Super cute.

I hope everyone enjoys the private sale. And one little side note to anyone in my family. I do have a birthday coming up next month. #justsayin