TODAY ONLY! $15 Flannel Shirts!

Old Navy has a lot of “today only” promotions. Most rarely make me look twice, but today’s sale is different. It is almost like someone at their corporate office has been spying on me, noticed my mad love of plaid and then customized the sale to my price point. Or maybe they’ve been reading every fashion magazine and blog out there right now. Probably the latter, but I like to think this sale was made for me. And it is my blogger civic duty to share the savings with  you.

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All of these plaid popovers (aka, doesn’t button all the way down) are marked down to $15 (originally $29.94). Yes. FIFTEEN DOLLARS. I personally prefer to the popover style since they tend to lay flat and look great with skinnies or leggings. And if plaid is nowhere to be found next year, I won’t be upset because I didn’t break the bank on this trend. #totallysensible


This red and blue plaid option is a top pick by Katie Holmes.  You know, from Dawson’s Creek. Or married to crazy Tom Cruise for a while. Or from my hometown (T-town love!!). No clue why Katie is doing marketing for Old Navy, but I’m guessing they are paying her a sizable chunk of change to do it. So if this shirt is good enough for Katie Holmes, it is good enough for me. Especially when it only costs $15.

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I love stores that carry the trends down to kids clothing. How cute are these toddler flannels? The blue boys plaid is $7.99 and the girls is $8.99. Cute, cute, cute.


There are even a few men’s options on sale, although they are slightly more expensive at $17.50 (originally $34.94). I suppose my husband’s clothes typically have an extra $2.50 in additional material than mine, so I guess the additional cost is reasonable. I’m a big fan of this slim fit flannel.

If you are in the market for plaid, get on it today (10/27).

Are you sick of me talking about plaid yet?