Vineyard Vines – Additional 30% Off Sale

Vineyard Vines makes my preppy heart happy. But when Vineyard Vines does an additional percent off their sale prices, that’s when my heart really gets beating. Probably because I’ve never bought anything from there unless it is on sale. Sorry VV, your stuff is a tad too spendy for me unless your offering a good discount. An additional 30% off all clearance items using code SAIL2015 is what I’m talking about.

I’ll fully admit, most of the stuff on the clearance rack is leftover from summer. If you are looking for some cute shorts, swimsuits or sundresses to put away for spring break (or to wear now if you are still sweating your booty off like me), this is your sale. However, I found a few amazing goodies that are perfect for fall and winter.


I know, you are sick of me talking about gingham. But, if you don’t own a navy gingham shirt by now, this is a good one to snag up. This medium gingham shirt features the Vineyard Vines whale logo and the price isn’t bad at $34.99 (originally $88). It also comes in a light pink color, but the pink makes me think of Easter eggs instead of pumpkin patches. Go with the navy – you won’t regret it. #ginghampeerpressure

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These shep shirts are Vineyard Vines’ solution to the common sweatshirt. Add a zipper and a cute pattern or material on the shoulder and it is instantly better looking than the frumpy Champion sweatshirts we all have awkwardly folded on the top shelves of our closet. I’m just as guilty as all of you, as I have wayyyy too many college sweatshirts stored away that I rarely wear out of the house because I no longer look like a college kid. #honestymoment

But just think of how comfortable we could all be in our cute shep shirts. I don’t really know what “shep” means. Maybe VV invented the term because if you say it 5 times fast, it almost sound like sweatshirt?

The light blue shep shirt above on the left has a cute grey stripe material on the shoulder, which is hard to see in the picture above. The teal shep shirt has a navy canvas material on the shoulders. The light blue comes down to $55.99 (originally $125) and the teal is $45.49 (originally $98).


If you are looking for an even warmer version of the 1/4 zip, this fleece pullover comes in grey, light blue and marshmallow. I’m assuming marshmallow is white, but I personally try to avoid things that might make me feel large and fluffy. Not a bad price at $52.49 (originally $128). They grey is my favorite. Go with the grey. Don’t be the marshmallow woman. #friendshelpingfriends


I’ve already told you vests are back in a big way this year, and I love this blue fleece vest. I personally with throw a white or gingham shirt underneath instead of the light blue the model has on. I’m sure with my expert styling advice (haaa!), it would be preppy perfection.  This one is on sale for $45.49 (originally $108) using the promo code.


I’m a big fan of the popover shirt, which is a fancy way to say a button down shirt which only buttons part way down. This navy dot popover is a total classic and would be perfect with jeans, leggings or anything in between. I owned a very similar shirt from J. Crew last year and wore it to death with colored jeans. This one even looks dressy enough to pair with slacks or a skirt for work. Only a couple sizes left, but a great find for $38.49 (originally $98).

Hopefully you found a new fall favorite in this whale of a sale. Happy Monday!