Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

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Those of you who are fans of Lilly Pulitzer know there tends to be a lot of drama around her sales. While most other brands realize that sales are the way to move merchandise, Lilly has stuck to a strict two-sales-a-year policy. In the past, these sales have crashed the site and caused stress for those looking for a preppy good deal. And we all know how the collaboration with Target went earlier this year. I’m glad I didn’t go to high school with Lilly because I’m guessing she would have been the most dramatic teenager ever.

But shopping stress aside, Lilly’s prints are always bright, preppy and adorable. I was excited when I received an email yesterday saying the After Party Sale would be starting at 8 am EST today (8/17/2015).  Since I’m on the west coast and my kids are usually up at the butt-crack of dawn, I planned to check out the deals as soon as my human alarm clocks woke me up.

I logged on my computer at 6:18 am this morning and found myself placed in a “virtual line” with more than an hour wait before I could shop the sale. Yes, a virtual line. I consider myself a very experienced shopper, but this is my first virtual line experience. And there were 37,022 people in front of me. I was really questioning if anything would be left for purchase if there are seriously THIRTY-SEVEN THOUSAND people in front of me? #woah

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But I had some work to do this morning anyways, so I decided to wait it out and see what happens. At least I was happily sitting on the couch in my PJ’s. I actually found that the whole virtual line thing worked out pretty well. It went much, much faster than expected and I only had to wait about 30 minutes before I was given access to the sale. I read some people complaining about the virtual line on Facebook since they weren’t at their computers when they got to the front and missed their chance. Also, once you made a purchase, you were placed back at the end of the line. But I was able to find a ton of goodies for great prices and had no issues with the site not working. I guess you could say I’m a virtual line fan. #anythingforadeal

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I ended up snagging this Avalon lace spaghetti strap dress for $59 (originally $178). It isn’t your typical Lilly floral, but I loved the colors and thought it looked like the perfect party dress. I’m attending my BFF’s bachelorette party in Vegas next month so I’m excited to finally have something to wear. Now I hope it fits because all Lilly sale items are final sale. #pleasefit

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I also love this Delia shift dress. The pattern looks a tad less summery than some so it could easily be worn into the fall. However, the $89 price (originally $188) was still a tad spendy for me since I don’t have anywhere specific to wear it. But it is uber-cute if you have an event coming up!


I also snagged this Jade crochet tunic dress for $49 (originally $178). A Lilly dress for under $50?? STEAL. It looks like the dress is now sold out on the Lilly website, but I found a couple sizes on for $71.20. Not quite as cheap, but still a good bargain. How cute will this one look with my magenta Kendra Scott Rayne necklace?


I also grabbed this multi printed Tabbie tank for $14 (originally $38). Yes, $14! That’s Target prices! And I didn’t even have to leave the comforts of my home to snag it!

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This Karrie crew neck top is $19 (originally $44). The pattern is really cute and a great option if you prefer sleeves vs. a tank top.


I also love these 3 inch Walsh shorts for $39 (originally $58). I have a serious love of navy blue so these paired with a navy t-shirt might be my perfect outfit.

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There were also a few very cute baby lilly shift dresses on sale for $24 (originally $48) but those things sold out fast. How cute would this have looked on my daughter?!

I’ve been checking back on the site throughout the day and it looks like the “virtual line” wait times are usually now under a minute. A number of items are definitely sold out, but there are still a ton of adorable items for purchase. The dresses are definitely the best bargain with most marked down $100 or more, but there are some other good deals to be found, too. Hopefully you avoided most of the Lilly drama and were able to snag some bright patterned for a reasonable price. Nothing like a good sale to start off the week!