HUGE Patagonia Sale

When I used to live in the Midwest, one of my favorite purchases each year was buying a new fleece jacket. I wore them to death and they were always one of the most comfortable items in my closet. I no longer make an annual fleece purchase since I’ve moved out west, but that doesn’t mean my love of cozy, soft fleece on a cool autumn day has ended. #ohiogirlatheart

In case you haven’t noticed by now, when I really like something, I tend to go overboard with it. Right now, I’ll flat out admit I’ve been going a little overboard with Kendra Scott and lululemon. Back in the day it used to be Coach and The North Face. Don’t get me wrong, I still like and regularly wear things from those brands. But once a brand becomes a little too popular, I tend to move on and find a new favorite.  I own a couple Patagonia items, but not a ton. If I lived in a cooler climate, I’d totally be going overboard on this Patagonia sale.


The actual post card I received notifying me of this sale

Here’s the funny thing about this Patagonia sale. I do not receive their emails, so you know how I found out about it? A good old fashioned post card was sent to my house. No clue how Patagonia got my mailing address since I don’t think I’ve ordered anything from them directly in the past several years, but they tracked me down. Either I have a stalker at Patagonia or their marketing people are smart people. Whatever the deal is, it worked because I’m thinking about placing an order.


Kids in AZ still need coats on our few chilly days. Since my kids no longer fit into their coats from last year, they are going to need something come December. And I’m not bragging one bit when saying it will be at least 4 months until my kids ever think about wearing a jacket. Trust me, everyone here in Phoenix would LOVE to have the option to wear fleece right now. #desertproblems

Anyways, I’m going to order the one of the jackets above for my kids. One thing to note about Patagonia, their “baby” styles go up to 5T. I didn’t initially realize that and was confused why they didn’t have much available for toddlers.  The Baby Nano Puff jacket comes in four colors (pink, green, blue and yellow). All are $47 except the blue is $55 for some odd reason. I’m thinking about getting the pink for my daughter and the blue for my son because how cute would matching coats be???

I also love the Baby Tribbles Reversible jacket, but I’m thinking it might be a tad too heavy for where I live. But it is like two coats in one, which totally makes it a sensible purchase, right? There are two color options for girls (white and pink) and one for boys (blue) but sizes for boys are totally picked over.  There are also some really cute styles for bigger kids here.

25442_MYWX  25442_DSKX

Now for us ladies. I actually own this snap fleece pullover which I purchased at Nordstrom last year, but mine is a brighter blue color no longer offered. It comes in yellow, peach, green and dusk blue. $59-83 depending on the color. I absolutely love this specific fleece material. It almost has a check look to it and is much nicer than your typical fleece. And I can personally say, this thing is warm!


I also love this women’s re-tool fleece vest. $54-76 depending on the color. If I could justify ordering myself another fleece item right now, the grey/teal vest would be in my virtual shopping cart.


For the men, this better sweater fleece jacket is $69-97 depending on the color. My husband has a 1/2 zip “better sweater” and it is awesome. I suppose the name says it all. Way better than wearing a sweater.

I guess I don’t have to pay for expedited shipping on my kid’s jackets. It is supposed to be 113 degrees tomorrow. Hopefully you will be able to use your Patagonia purchases before I will!