Tory Burch Not-So-Private Sale

Hi Ladies (and gentlemen who might be interested in Tory Burch – no judgment here)! I know, I’ve been MIA lately. I was on a cross-country drive with my two kids and a dog back from NYC. Yes, you read that correctly. DRIVE. With TWO kids. And a dog. Let’s just say I have problems for even agreeing to take such an excursion on, but we are survived and still like each other. Since I was doing everything in my power to keep my kids happy and myself sane, I was a tad busy and not spending as much time as usual on the interweb. A break is never a bad thing.

Anyways, I’m back home and ready to get at it. Actually, I was ready a few days ago, but my not-so-friendly internet provider wasn’t ready for me. After fighting for service for 3 full days, I’m back in action. #ihateyoucenturylink

I know many of you read about my adventure in NYC at the Tory Burch Sample Sale. While it was fun to experience such a unique shopping adventure, I felt a tad bad blogging about it since no one else could enjoy my shopping finds. Lucky for you, Tory announced a Private Sale today.  I’m flat out saying it is not at all private. Everyone is invited if you have an email address. And my guess is if you are reading my silly little sale shopping blog, you’ve already ventured into the magical world of email. It is TB’s little way of collecting more email addresses to spam you with promotional emails in the future. #notsosneakymarketing


Things are going like hotcakes, so if you are at all interested, get on it quick. I checked the selection this morning on my phone before I was officially back on the grid and a ton of stuff has already sold out.  Here are my favorite items from the sale:


This nylon Dena Tote is marked down to $199. I have this exact bag in cognac leather and I use it constantly for work. It is the perfect laptop bag/purse combo. The crossbody strap is adjustable, and I love the short straps if it gets too heavy. They had the leather version on the sale this morning, but it sold out quickly. I’m guessing the nylon won’t be far behind.

download (2)

These black Nora Flat Thongs are on sale for $69. That is crazy cheap for a leather pair. I personally feel like if you can find a leather pair for less than $100, you are getting a deal. Only limited sizes left in stock.

download (1)

I have these Leighanne patent flat thongs in ivory and I constantly get compliments on them. However, I’ll be the first to admit, they are the least comfortable of all my Tory sandals. Something about where the strap hits on my foot doesn’t feel just right. However, if you are looking for a super cute style and don’t need to walk a ton in them, these are for you.

download (4)

If I was looking to splurge on a pair of sandals, these Amanda Flat Thongs would be them. They still aren’t cheap at $175, but you would wear them constantly. At least you can still say you got them on sale.

 download (3)

This stackable ring set is really cute for $39. They are all 16K plated gold and you could wear one or all. A good price too if you need to buy someone a gift in the next couple months.

Like I said, act quick if you think you might need a little more Tory in your life. What are you favorite items from the sale?