Sperry Problems

I’ll be the first to admit, my entire family has serious Sperry problems.  There is something about the classic boat shoe that goes perfectly with most outfits. They also look great on men, women and kids. Let’s just say I should look into buying stock in Sperry.


This is a real picture taken of my family’s feet. Like I said, Sperry problems.

I’ve decided that having Sperry problems is OK when they have an additional 30% off sale styles (make sure to use code EXTRA30). Here’s the best part about this sale: my husband was the one who told me about it. Yep, you know we have family issues when my husband is letting me know about a sale. Since he can wear jeans and shorts to work, Sperrys are part of his daily uniform. #onepreppyuniform


Since my husband, Kurt, was the one to bring this sale to me, I’m gonna start with the men for once. There are a TON of awesome men’s options. 120 styles to be exact. Out of all the 120 styles, this Original Seaglass Boat Shoe is my favorite. I love the classic brown style with the pop of blue. They also come in brown/green, light grey/dark grey and navy/red. The price is the best part: $41.99 (originally $88).


These Hamilton Driver loafers are such a cute color combo. The cognac color is totally “in” right now and I love the subtle stripe on the back. These could be the perfect work shoe for any guy in your life, especially for $48.99 (originally $110). I personally feel like anytime you get a quality pair of shoes for under $50, that is a bargain. #sperrybargain


Now, for the ladies. Let’s be honest. We are the ones who truly enjoy buying shoes, so let’s focus on ourselves for a minute. I love these Original Metallic Two Eye Boat Shoes, which are also $48.99 (originally $95). The metallic leather will instantly glam up every outfit, and the gold is my favorite.


These striped Washed Canvas Boat Shoes are awesome, especially for $32.90 (originally $80). Only a couple sizes left, but worth the purchase for $30.


And who knew Sperry sold ballet flats?? Not this girl. These remind me a lot of my Tory Burch Caroline flats, but much more reasonably priced. I’m partial to the gold, but they also have black, brown and leopard print in the same style.  These come down to $41.99 (originally $85) with code EXTRA30.


And finally, the kids. I purchase at least one pair of Sperrys for my kids each year. My kids are hard on shoes and these things hold up to the challenge. This toddler Gore boat shoe is on sale for $27.97. Pretty sure my daughter needs these. The best part about this particular pair is the bow. Sperry was smart enough to sew it so it can’t come untied. #genius

Sperry has free shipping both ways so don’t hesitate to buy a few pairs if you aren’t sure on the sizes. I personally refuse to pay for shipping, so this is a big deal for me. I hope I haven’t contributed to Sperry problems in your household!