CRAZY Crazy 8 (Everything under $5)

Preppy Kids Clothes on sale at Crazy 8

I love buying kids clothes. They are small, adorable and colorful. And the preppier they are, the better. But if you ask me, there is no point to spend a ton on kids clothes. Maybe a special item here or there, but for everyday wear, it is just a waste of money.

I feel like my kids outgrow stuff overnight. I know they are still little, but it feels like the second an outfit fits perfectly, it is too small the next day. Has anyone else ever bought something a size big so your kids can grow into it? It then hangs in their closet for months while you wait.  For one glorious month, said cute outfit fits perfectly. Then bam, your son’s handsome cords are now capris. Or your daughter’s dress is inappropriately short.

Stains are the other reason it isn’t worth blowing a ton of cash on kids clothes. Am I the only one who purchased an adorable white dress which ends up stained with spaghetti sauce? Eventually that cute dress will sit in a bucket of Oxy Clean for a week without luck and then end in the trash since it will never be white again.

Point made. Save your money for investment pieces for yourself.

Crazy 8 is having a CRAZY HUGE sale through Wednesday, July 22nd. They have 50% off all regular priced items.  They also have 30% off all sale items, so some things are now 80% off.  Yes, 80% off got my attention, too.

I’ll admit, this is a REALLY, REALLY good sale. Most items I’m showing below have sizes fully stocked and everything is under $5. I told you it was good. Here are my picks for babies and toddler girls:


Fall will be here before we know it, and I love the simplicity of this white peplum long-sleeved shirt. It also comes in navy, but I personally like the white better.  And guess the price? $3.49. I will plan my meals so my daughter isn’t going anywhere near spaghetti when she is wearing this.  Wouldn’t this top look cute with one of these:

 140137374  140137429 140137435140137433

The striped leggings are on sale for $3.49, the coral leggings for $2.09, the dot skinny jeans for $4.19 and the coral bubble shorts for $4.89. There are a few other colors of leggings available as well. If you have a daughter, there is no reason not to buy every color for that price.


Or what about this white embroidered dress for $4.89? Again, avoid serving spaghetti on the days you dress your daughter in this.


And how cute is this gold headband? The price is even cuter – $2.79. Is there really anything better than getting a whole outfit for under $10, including accessories? There are tons of other headbands, bareettes and shoes available, too.

OK, let’s move onto toddler boys. I dress my son in mini man clothes on pretty much a daily basis. Yes, he wears t-shirts and gym shorts, but there is no reason why he can’t wear a button down shirt and chinos to daycare. Mine does constantly and all the teachers always comment how he is the best-dressed kid in class. I like to think it has to do with the fact his shirt has a collar, not because I have a shopping problem, but that also might factor in.


I love long-sleeved button down shirts with the sleeves rolled up. Short-sleeved button downs can sometimes look a little computer-programmery. And I can say that since I work in IT and interact with computer programmers on a regular basis. This gingham option is $4.19 and this blue option is $3.49. The blue shirt also comes in a bright yellow which I also love, but the blue is probably a little more practical.

140138162   140138027

The two above scream “cool golfer kid” to me. My son isn’t even 3 yet, but he loves golf. He knows who Jordan Speith is and asks to watch golf instead of cartoons every weekend. My husband loves it and we fully recognize how ridiculous this is. The argyle sweater vest is $2.79 and the polo shirt is $3.49.


As for bottoms, these pull-on cords are $4.88 (also come in grey and khaki) and the red twill shorts are $4.89. I love the pull-on pants for potty training. I was worried the stretchy waist-band would look dorky, but you can’t see it at all with an untucked shirt.

For girls 4 and older, here are my top finds under $5:

140138613 140138892 140137503 140138092

This girls necklace is $2.09 (tons of other jewelry options available for super cheap), ruffle tank is $4.89 (also available in yellow and mint), striped peplum shirt is $3.49 (several other colors available), and pink striped swimsuit is $4.89. I don’t have a daughter that falls in this age range yet, but if I did, it would be hard to resist those prices.

140138729 140137653 140137681 140137988

And finally, for older boys, this newsboy chambray hat is $4.19, heathered henley is $4.89, jersey tee is $3.49 (lots of colors available) and the polo shirt is $4.89.

These prices are seriously crazy cheap. Like cheaper than second hand store cheap. Thanks Crazy 8 for the crazy good sale!