Nordstrom Anniversary Sale PLUS $10 off a Nordstrom Gift Card


I know, most bloggers put up their posts about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale a week ago. I’m a cardholder so I had early access, but it really seemed unfair for me to write about a sale that most people couldn’t get into. Sort of like saying you may walk around the store, but come back next week to purchase. Or take one bite of cake, but you can’t eat the whole piece. Even though I might have made a purchase or two already, it still felt like a big tease to talk about it until now. I’m really not into shopping discrimination. #firstworldproblems

 But starting today (7/17/2015), the Anniversary Sale is open to EVERYONE. Woo hoo! Here’s the thing about the Anniversary Sale. Most items are from upcoming fall collections and are not summer closeouts. After the sale ends, everything goes back up to full price.

I’ll admit, the Anniversary Sale didn’t get me as excited this year as some past years. I love summer clothes so much and personally feel like there is nothing better than a good summer sale. Thinking about sweaters and jeans also seems very far away, probably because I know I still have months of oven-like temperatures in Phoenix ahead of me.

But as any dedicated shopper would do, I battled through and found a few awesome things. Yes, it was tough. But before I get to the goods, I have even more savings for you. Staples is offering a $100 Nordstrom gift card for $90 through 7/18. It ships to your house through USPS so you won’t be able to use it immediately on Anniversary Sale purchases, but if you shop at Nordstrom often, you might as well go for it HERE.

I’m going to apologize in advance for the length of this post, but I almost consider this a preview of fall fashion. Here are my favorite items from the sale:

_10390143 _10648048

First up are the Zella “Live In” leggings and crops (black crops here and colors here). Now, I don’t yet (key word being “yet”) own a pair of Zella Live In leggings. However, I’ve heard from many, many people that they are better than the other brands out there, including my beloved lululemon. The black pair actually has over 2,000 five-star reviews. Yes, TWO THOUSAND people took the time to say how great these pants are. The full length pair are on sale for $33.90 and the crops for $28.90. In fall and winter, there is nothing better to me than a good pair of leggings and cognac boots. Plus, these can also work as workout pants. I’m giving a full length pair a try for that price.

_10745899 _10841054 _10629620

I’m a big fan of all three of these tops (white here, dots here and stripes here). The first two could probably function as work shirts, (the white might need a jacket or sweater over the top depending on how dressy your office is) and the third is obviously very casual (aka kid-friendly). I’ve been working from home a lot lately in my current role, so casual will get more wear from me, but I really love the others, too. The white one also comes in grey and black.


This one is a tad outside my comfort zone, but I’m planning to order this fringe trim poncho. Yes, the whole poncho trend is back again this year. I don’t know what it is, but there is something about this one that is calling my name. I love the Aztec pattern and black fringe on the bottom. Oh, and the price. I love that, too.  $29.90. I can see this paired with those Zella Live In leggings and some boots.

2015-07-10_13-45-49 _10891467

There was no way I could get through a post without talking about Kendra Scott.  Obvi. The Dylan pendant necklace is the perfect size to go with just about everything and is on sale for $38.90. My beloved Rayne necklace is marked down in many, many colors to $52.90. They even have gold, silver, gunmetal and rose gold options. This navy one is calling my name. #shoppingwillpower #icandoit #ithink


I’ll admit, I have yet to jump on the bootie bandwagon. I know, what kind of psuedo-fashion blogger doesn’t own booties by now?! This one. I’m just not convinced they look good on me. However, I’ve seen a ton of people wearing these Toms booties and if I was going to venture into unknown territory, it would probably be wearing these. The perfect balance between trendy but not too dressy. We will see how much courage I work up come this fall. Also, I’m in LOVE with these Frye boots. These are in my comfort zone. They’d look perfect with those Zella leggings and the cognac color is just gorgeous. They are a splurge though at $279, but it might be worth it.


Speaking of Frye, I’m also in love with this Frye men’s messenger bag. Also very spendy, but my husband is in dire need of a new work bag. I’m talking his old, black, presumably fake leather is peeling at the seams. Not exactly the type of first impression you want to make. My husband is also adamantly against the whole “designer man bag” thing, but this one seems like a perfect compromise. And knowing how long a good leather bag will last, it will likely be another 20 years before we have to have this discussion again. We will see how nice he is to me over the next day or two.

_10552269 _9923667 _10559722

I think all of these men’s options are pretty amazing. The blue and pink check shirt is by a company called Bonobos, which my hubby has been a proud supporter of for years. Very cool, stylish patterns and their stuff always seem to fit him perfectly.

The pink gingham shirt is a Nordstrom Exclusive and comes in many colors with a slim fit option here and a traditional fit here. It is made of the non-iron material that can be washed and dried at home with no ironing or dry cleaning required. And get this, $32.90.

And can you ever go wrong with a fleece Patagonia pullover? This would be a great Christmas gift for those of you who are total over-achievers and are already thinking about jingle bells. #notme

 _10610708 Unnamed image (1)

If you have a baby or are expecting, seriously go check out the baby deals here. If I had to pick one favorite baby item with my two kids, it was probably the Aden + Anais swaddles. I used them for everything from actual swaddles to blankets, burp cloths and a nursing cover. The super nice, huge and amazing bamboo ones are on sale for $29.90. If you don’t already own these, buy them. You won’t regret this baby purchase.  I also received these adorable wrap headbands for my daughter as a gift. Super cute for $7.90 and available in a ton of colors.


My daughter just started walking a couple weeks ago, so I’ve been on the hunt for a new pair of neutral shoes for her. And by neutral, I clearly mean gold. Because that’s what I wear and there is nothing cuter to me than mini versions of my own stuff. I placed an order for both of these options (Michael Kors here and crocheted Toms here). I know, these probably aren’t most people’s idea of shoes for a new walker, but I only have so many years to dress her as I please. And I’m seriously obsessed with both of these. As long as they don’t give her blisters or make her fall, why can’t she start out wearing fashionable shoes?!?!

_10588895 _10602442

Finally, I can’t forget my son. Carter is almost 3 and I somehow have him tricked to wear his “kid-clothes” at home, and he will wear whatever I want him to wear out of the house. I know my days of this are also limited, so I’m taking full advantage while I still can. I love this North Face water-resistant fleece hoodie. And does it really get much preppier than a Lacoste polo (little kids here and bigger kids here), which is marked down to $25.90. Nothing better than little man clothes.

Wow, I’m exhausted. Happy Anniversary to Nordstrom. Thanks for celebrating with us!