Kendra Scott on Sale at Nordstrom

I was pretty excited today when I found a couple new Kendra Scott items on sale at Nordstrom. I was tempted to buy until my husband tried to convince me my obsession with Kendra Scott jewelry has gone too far. He just doesn’t understand my shopaholic ways. Or a good thing for a bargain when he sees it.

Even though I chose marital bliss instead of another pair of earrings (for today at least), here are a few great buys if you can sneak them past the man in your life:


These Ellie Oval studs are available in coral, seafoam and periwinkle for $33.49. I have a pair of coral Tory Burch sandals that would coordinate nicely with the coral earrings. Just sayin’.


The Rae necklace shown above, which is the little sister to my much blogged about Rayne necklace, is on sale for $43.55.  It doesn’t have the tassle that the Rayne necklace has, but it is just as cute and would seriously go with everything. A bunch of great colors are available too: black, mint, slate, turquoise and mother of pearl.  The black and white are very, very tempting to me.


These Sky Spear earrings in magenta just scream “summer”. I have the Rayne necklace in magenta and it is the perfect pop of color. I absolutely love the shape of these dangley gems. A great find for $36.85.

Do I tend to overbuy when I find something I like? Sure. But at least I’m not paying full price! #shopaholicproblems

via kendra scott sale | Nordstrom.