As I do most mornings, I woke up this morning and checked my gmail “promotions” folder to see what kind of sales are going on. I found an email from the GAP letting me know they had 40% off regular price items for cardholders with code SUMMERDAYS. That’s great and all, but not all that exciting to me since I’d never pay full price for anything at the GAP anyways. What’s more exciting to me with the little banner ad in the email saying an additional 30% off sale items with code MORE. A sale on top of a sale. Now you are talking.

I proceeded to scroll through all 1,219 women’s items that are on sale. Yes folks, that’s dedication. I was surprised to find most of my favorite bargains were actually denim. I’m not brand loyal when it comes to jeans or jean-like material and will pretty much buy any brand that looks good. Here are my picks:


Yes, I know chambray isn’t exactly denim, but sort of. Right? I LOVE the scalloped bottom on this pair of chambray shorts. These gems are currently in route to my house and I can’t wait to receive them. Especially since they only cost $19.59 with promo code MORE. Sizes are fully stocked on this item, too.


I’ve blogged about this pair of distressed shorts before (yes, these are the ones I overpaid for), but I absolutely love them. They are my go-to pair of denim shorts for the summer. If you don’t own them yet, buy them, especially since they are now marked down to $16.79 with the code. This is the cheapest I’ve ever seen them. Crazy cheap. Get on it.


There are only a couple of sizes left in stock, but this pair of girlfriend jeans comes down to $11.19 with the code. Yes, ELEVEN DOLLARS. That is less than I paid for lunch yesterday. For jeans!!! I have no prior experience with the girlfriend jean style, but I’m willing to take a shot for that price. They look cute on the model and I love the rolled up leg. Since they aren’t final sale, I’ll happily return them to my local store if they don’t quite fit right. #mykindoffasshionrisk


Are you in the market for a new chambray shirt? If so, this is an amazing option for $11.89. CRAZY CHEAP!!! Only XS, S and M available, but get on it if you need a new one.


Yep, it is true. Denim jackets are back in style. I recently dug through the back of my closet and found my old one that I’ve saved for almost 15 years. Know where it was from? Abercrombie and Fitch. It actually still fits, but I just can’t quite bring myself to rock A&F anymore. No offense to anyone who shops at Abercombie. I worked there all through college and used to constantly wear the A&F logo-ed gear. But now I’m a mom with two kids and it is officially time to donate my A&F denim jacket to Goodwill. So that means it is also time to find a new one. I stumbled across this lighter wash denim jacket, which comes down to $23.79. Amazing price for a jacket, and the sizes are fully stocked. Can’t wait for this jacket to take up residence in my closet!


Finally, I know it isn’t denim, but this peplum tank has been one of my favorite tank top purchases of the summer. I might own 3 different colors. Depending on the color you choose, prices range from $9-13 with the discount code.

The promo code will also work on mens and kids, but there wasn’t anything in those departments that caught my eye. Don’t forget to enter code MORE in at checkout to get the additional 30% off and enjoy my crazy cheap finds!!!