Amazon Prime Day

Who doesn’t love Amazon? I’ve been a loyal Prime member for years and I’ll fully admit it is my go-to place to order pretty much everything household and kid-related. Since there is a huge Amazon distribution center in Phoenix, I can also get free same day delivery on a ton of stuff to. Not having to pack the kids up in the car to run errands and have it brought to my house within hours for FREE?! Well, I’m choosing to ignore the fact we pay an annual membership to be Prime members. If you aren’t already a member, you can do a free trial as long as you have a credit card linked up with your Amazon account. Click here for details.


Amazon jumped on the “Black Friday in July” train and created what they like to call “Prime Day” for Amazon Prime members. Essentially they have stuff marked down today (7/15/15) to Black Friday-like prices and have convinced us to buy things we probably wouldn’t have purchased otherwise.

Only problem with Prime Day is they only offer so many of each sale item and once they are sold out, you are back to paying full price. This makes it hard for me to tell you my favorite deals since the chances of them being available later today is slim. However, here are a few worth mentioning that will hopefully still be going strong later today.


Kindles are on sale for $49. I sadly don’t get to pick up a book and read as often as I’d like, but this seems dirt cheap for one of the electronic readers. I’ve tried reading books on my iPad before and it wasn’t my favorite because of the glare. The $49 version is glare-free and can hold thousands of books. If I had a beach trip coming up, I’d order this one for sure.


If you are have a small baby or are expecting, check out the baby page here. Amazon is currently offering an additional 25% off select Britax and Graco items. I currently own 4 Britax car seats and I couldn’t be happier with them. I’m going to keep my eye on the lightening deals at the bottom throughout the day since both my kids have birthdays later this month.


I’m in love with my Fitbit. I currently have the Fitbit Flex and I like it because you can swap out the bands for different colors, shower with it on or take out the chip and put it elsewhere on your body. I was convinced it was the best fitness tracker out there until my husband got the Fitbit Charge HR, which also has a built-in display feature (including a clock) and it tracks your heart rate. Since it has a heart rate tracker, it is WAY more accurate on how many calories you burn. #fitnesstrackerenvy  No swapping of band colors, but I use the black band 99% of the time anyways. There is also a plum color and two different sizes available. Today if you purchase a Fitbit Charge HR, you get a $25 credit. I’m very, very tempted to upgrade since I know I’ll use that credit shortly. Probably this week, not gonna lie.

Happy Prime Day!