Workout Wear Sales

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. After indulging a little bit too much over the weekend, I need to get back on the workout wagon. And nothing makes me want to go workout more than buying new workout clothes. #shoppingmotivation

I’m really not sure what changed over the last couple years, but I love it is somewhat socially acceptable to wear workout gear all day. Maybe it is overpriced workout wear stores like lululemon, Lorna Jane and Athleta trying to change fashion to justify paying a high price to get their clothes all sweaty. Or maybe there direct correlation with the fact I’ve given birth to 2 kids over the last three years and I never quite find the time to change after my workout. I promise I shower on a regular basis, but my grocery store check out clerk is more likely to see me wearing a prom dress than seeing me dressed up on a Tuesday afternoon. #momlife

Whatever it is, I’ve come to love some of the “fancier” workout clothing brands since I spend so much darn time in them. They itch less, fit better and last longer in the wash.

lulu added a bunch of new items on their We Made Too Much (WMTM) page today. Since I’m a huge lululemon fan but absolutely refuse to pay full price for anything there, I pretty much stalk their sale page for markdowns. Not joking. #WMTMstalker

At least this way I’m paying something closer to reasonable prices. Or that’s what I tell myself.


I just ordered this Dancing Warrior tank in black, but it also comes in a bunch of different patterns and colors. I’ve been on the hunt for a new plain black tank, and this one called my name. It doesn’t look like it will be the most supportive thing in the world, but I love the way the straps look in the back. Reviews say it runs a tad long, but since it isn’t uber form fitting, size down if you don’t need the extra length. Awesome find for $29.


I have a number of the Cool Racerback tanks and you absolutely can’t go wrong with this classic style. Another thing you can’t go wrong on is ordering this one for $24.  There are only size 4’s left in stock, but order up if you are a 4.


I took a bit of a risk and ordered this What the Sport singlet for $34. I’m absolutely in love with my 105 F singlets (click here for a sale option of the 105 F singlet if you are a size 10), so I thought it was worth trying a slightly different singlet style. I love the loose fitting style of the singlet. And saying the word “singlet” makes me feel like I’m back in high school and am talking about a wrestling match or something. No offense to any male wrestlers out there, but this tank top is WAYYY better looking than male wrestling singlets…


I’m spending some time in the Big Apple this summer so I decided it was time to invest in a new rain jacket. Given it rarely rains in AZ, I realized my old rain jacket hails from my college days and is approaching 15 years old (please don’t do the math). This mean it was time for a replacement. I spotted this gem on my local sale rack a few weeks back and I’m obsessed. It has sort of an old school pattern that works perfectly with the updated style and mint trim. There are a couple of other patterns available, too, if this one isn’t for you. I sized down one size and it fits me perfectly. Great find for $69.


Lorna Jane currently has 30% off all sale items. The discount comes off automatically when you add the item to the cart (no promo code needed). Sneaky marketing to force you to start throwing items into the cart to see the discounted price. Well, unless you are a math whizz and can quickly calculate discounts in your head. Although I have some good practice with calculating discounts.

I’ve blogged about this hat before, but I continue to get compliments every time I wear it. With the 30% off, it comes down to $14.


I’ve never purchased a sports bra from Lorna before, but this one comes down to $10.50 with the discount. Definitely cheap enough to give it a try.


I love the melon color on these run shorts. Great find for $31.50.

Hopefully I’ve motivated you to take a run to the mall to pick up a few great sale items. Like I said, #shoppingmotivation