$20 Shorts and Another Kate Spade Surprise Sale

Before I start talking about Kate Spade’s latest surprise sale, I got an email this morning from Gap advertising $20 shorts for men and women and $10 shorts for kids. All the kids shorts were the cotton/athletic wear type, but there was a pair of women’s jean shorts that caught my eye. I’ve been on the hunt to find a great new pair of cut-offs, and for $20, I just might have to try these out:


I think cut-off shorts are tough. I like a distressed look, but I also don’t want to look like I got in a fight with an angry cat. I’ll let you know if these are winners.

Now, onto more important topics. Kate Spade is having another one of their “surprise sales”. Pretty much like good old Kate is telling us, “surprise, pull out your money and give it to me. “

And surprise, it works every time.

The surprise sales are held for about 3-4 days at a time (this one goes through end of day on Thursday, May 21st) and usually feature items that are sold at the Kate Spade outlet stores. Same quality and style as the full price line, but the items are much more affordable.  Essentially, this is my kind of sale. The surprise sales are hosted on a special part of their website where you have to login with your email address and zip code to view the goods.  I know this a smart way for their marketing people to collect email addresses from potential buyers, but there is something about this process that makes it feel somewhat exclusive.

That same feeling of being in the VIP line at a club. What if they don’t let me in?

I think I’d be more upset about missing out on sale designer bags than being turned away on the red carpet. #shopaholicproblems


Whenever I think of Kate Spade, I first think about handbags. It is probably what she is best known for, and what gets me every time. How cute is this straw clutch? The straw screams “summer” and the bag would be perfect for an outdoor wedding, shower or just a night out with friends. The neutral straw is so classic and would match with everything. No surprise here, for $69, I badly want to add this one to my collection.

cross body

This cross-body Cora bag is such a great size. You can easily fit a small wallet and other essentials in it, and the strap means it is hands-free. I’m super into red, white and blue right now and can picture this one paired with any bright color (red, pink, green, orange, etc…). Not a bad price either at $89.

baby bag

I’m on my second Kate Spade baby bag and I think they are the absolute best out there. The nylon material washes off easily and the patterns don’t scream “dorky mom”. I have this exact style bag in a different pattern and I love the messenger bag strap. It is so easy to fling it over my shoulder or leave it hanging from the handlebars of my stroller. Not that I’d ever do that since every stroller out there has warnings about hanging bags from the handlebars…

At $99 this one is a steal. If you looking for a new diaper bag or are preggo, I recommend this one. I don’t recommend hanging your bag off your stroller, but if you like to push the limits a bit, this one works perfectly on top my BOB and City Mini. #mystrollerhasnevertippedandihopeyoursdoesnteither


I love this bird tote bag. The material looks like it has a coating on it, so it might be the perfect bag for the pool. The inside is fabric so it probably wouldn’t work with kids, but I can still think of countless uses for it, especially for $59. And the print just makes me smile.


In all my years of shopping (I’m not going to count how many that is) I’ve never seen Kate offer anything like this.  TWO for the price of ONE!! You get a large tote along with a coordinating small clutch. I absolutely love the neutral color, but I can’t get over the fact you get TWO bags. And they are both genuine leather for $179. This is a really, really good deal.

I think this combo is the ideal work bag. The bigger bag looks large enough to accommodate a laptop, water, power cord, etc… and you can keep a phone, small wallet and lip gloss in the clutch neatly tucked inside. Perfect for lunches when you don’t need to drag the entire giant bag along with you. In case you can’t tell, I’ve been mocked by my co-workers for dragging a giant laptop bag downstairs to grab a sandwich. This combo is a much more fashionable way to do it.


There were a lot of very cute jewelry options, but my favorite was this pair of gumdrop earrings. I actually have this exact pair and they are the perfect size that don’t overwhelm my ear lobes. The clear stone matches with everything but aren’t super “bling-y”. For the longest time I was hesitant to buy crystal earrings like this because I didn’t want people to think I had the largest fake diamonds in town, but I quickly realized it is actually a very classy look. I’d pick up a pair for $19.


Finally, I don’t think you can go wrong with a pair of aviators.  There is a good reason this style has been around for ages and it is because they look good on everyone. I have almost this exact pair of sunglasses, but mine have mirrored lenses that make me feel like a rockstar. #truestory

The size of this pair of glasses is great for most women. I have a particularly narrow face and have a hard time finding frames that don’t overwhelm me. And for $59, I’m debating picking up one of the other color options (gold, rose gold and silver).

I hope this little surprise made your Monday a little better. Have a great week!