Memorial Day Sales

I realize it is only Wednesday, but I’m already thinking about the weekend. While the premise behind Memorial Day isn’t really celebration, I think everyone enjoys the 3-day weekend to take some time away from our busy lives and relax with friends and family. After all, we are so very lucky to live in a safe country which is protected by those who serve. God bless our troops and those families who have had a loss for our freedom.

Now, most Memorial Day plans typically include some combination of swimming, grilling, stars, stripes and fun. My weekend will include all of the above with the addition of some sale shopping (woo hoo)!!! Retailers love to celebrate the unofficial start of summer by marking things down big-time. And so do I. I also love some of the sales start on Wednesday so I have plenty of time to snatch up the good stuff and spend the weekend relaxing and relishing in my bargains. #mykindofweekend


Nordstrom kicked off their Half Yearly Sale today, which runs through May 31st. Nothing better than designer styles, free shipping and Nordstrom’s ah-mazing return policy at 40% off. In case you didn’t know, Nordstrom has no time limit on returns and will seriously take back anything for any reason. They pride themselves on customer service and never make you feel bad for returning something. So don’t feel bad about ordering a few different sizes and returning what doesn’t work out. #shoppingstrategies

 If you find something you love, don’t stall on placing your order since the best deals always sell out quickly on these Nordstrom sales. Last year, I had a few items sell out after they were added to my cart before I could place my purchase (insert shopaholic tears here). Don’t let this happen to you. Since there is free shipping, there is absolutely no shame in placing more than one order. I might have already placed one today…


I have a couple weddings and bachelorette parties coming up this year so I’ve been on the hunt for a few awesome dresses. I don’t know why, but I really struggle with finding the perfect dress for these type of occasions. I usually look for months in advance and go through a stressful buy-and-return process. I know it is because I don’t want to pick up something off the Banana Republic sale rack the weekend before the event and end up wearing the same thing as the woman at the table next to me. #fashionnightmare

I came across this Clove dress that looks perfect for a summer wedding. I love the white background but the adorable embroidered floral pattern. If you are one of my personal friends who will be at a wedding with me later this year, please don’t purchase this one since it is on its way to my house. I hope it will be a winner.


I’ve blogged about these Michael Kors wedges before and they are now marked down 35% to $89.90. Still not quite a “bargain”, but much better than the original $140 price tag. I’m very tempted to order these, but my $20 Gap Factory pair is working out just fine for the time being.

flip flops

I think these Kate Spade flip flops are the deal of the day at $28.80. Even cheaper than the Tory Burch flip flops I blogged about last week. How can you resist designer shoes for less than $30?!


There are a lot of amazing watches on sale, but my favorite is this hot pink style Kate Spade. At 40% off it comes to $116.98. If you need something slightly more neutral, do a quick search on “sale watches” and some other good options will pop up. I have a hard time resisting bright colors, especially during summertime.


Kendra Scott has a TON of stuff marked down on their website. Except the site has been doing funky things all day keeps crashing. Between countless clicks of the refresh button, I found a couple colors of the Rayne necklace on sale before the site died on me again.

I’m sure someone in IT is getting yelled at right now since they just sent out an email advertising the sale. #thatpoorperson


Kendra also has some really cute charms on sale for $5.97.  They have chains here you can purchase for $25 or just use one you may have at the bottom of your jewelry box. The American in me loves the red, but there are some awesome other options, too. Who knew I’d be so into “making” my own jewelry. #myversionofDIY


J Crew Factory has 50% off online and in stores this weekend. They have some adorable things, but since I’m in full-on dress shopping mode, I spotted this cute little number. Not exactly what I want for my upcoming events, but for $48, this is still a great buy.

I’m sure more stores will be rolling out sales over the next couple days. I can’t wait!!