Tween and Teen Gift Ideas for Boys and Girls

Love these tween / teen boy gift ideas

It’s a little sad when our kids reach the point where they aren’t into the traditional little kid toys and move up to the big kid gifts. My son is officially there. Gone are the days of LEGO, action figures and cars. The tween and teen stage tends to involve more electronics, clothes, gift cards and crafts. Today I’m sharing my tween and teen gift ideas for boys and girls.

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Love these Christmas gift ideas for Tween and Teen girls

Ladies first. My daughter is only 6 so she’s still totally in the stage of wanting every single thing in the Target toy aisle. However, I have a 10 year old niece and my sister helped me put together this list.

My niece had a birthday a month ago and she said her favorite gift was makeup! Ulta has the cutest makeup gift sets for the holidays this year. They used to have a Caboodle version, but it looks like it already sold out. However, they still have these super cute makeup artist gift sets for under $20. Different colors available here, here and here.

I know my daughter isn’t quite a full blown tween, but I did grab here a light blue (her favorite color of the moment) Instax camera. These are always a crowd favorite with the kids and are basically a little Polaroid camera. Target has a cute set here, and I also found another gift set for even cheaper from Walmart here. I grabbed the Walmart version which is selling out quickly!!

Finally, my sister said crafts are still a big hit in her house. Grab a cute set of markers, a tie dye kit or a slime kit for a fun, affordable gift.

Love these tween / teen boy gift ideas

The big thing on my son’s wish list this year is the Nintendo Switch. Apparently the Switch is one of the top gifts this year because they are hard to find! I included a link to Target hoping they will restock before the holidays, but who knows if that will happen! Fingers crossed it does!

With any video game system, you need games! A few I’ll be grabbing for Carter this year are Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons, Super Mario Bros, Supraland and Carto. The last two are new releases for the holiday season, which are great options for kids who have had the Switch for a year or so. Don’t forget to throw a set of gaming headphones into the cart for them, too.

When my kids aren’t playing on electronics, I try to get them outside as much as possible! Carter fell in love with Yahtzee over his birthday, so when I found this oversized yard version called Yardzee, I thought it was perfect! Available in lots of colors, too.

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Any other great ideas for tweens and teens? Leave them in the comments below!