Gift Guide: Grill Master

The best gift ideas for the man or woman who loves to grill

My first gift guide of the 2020 holiday season. And it is being published in OCTOBER!?! I know, that’s SO early. But here’s the thing. I think we are all ready for this year to end so the holiday shopping season is starting early this year. I’m kicking off the holiday season with one of my favorite things: grilling. Here are a few gift ideas for the grill master.

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Bluetooth Speaker Grill Light | Sous Vide | Mesquite Wood Chips | Grill Tongs | Grillbot Cleaning Robot | Electro Torch Fire Starter | Lodge Cast Iron Cleaning Kit | Digital Instant Thermometer | Meat Temperature Markers | Grill Mat | Lodge Cast Iron Set | Silicone Grill Gloves and Meat Shreader Claws | Pizza Stone | Electric Knife | Meater Bluetooth Wireless Thermometer

My husband is 100% the grill master in our house. I grill the occasional piece of chicken, but I leave the good stuff for him. He helped me come up with this list and owns almost every single thing on my grill master gift guide.

Kurt’s #1 pick for the 2020 holiday season would be the Meater wireless thermometer, which is available in a single probe, as well as a 4 pack. He’s tried a lot of wireless thermometers over the years and this one is by far the best.

Kurt received a Sous Vide last Christmas as a gift and it has truly changed the way he grills steak. I can’t speak to exactly how it works, but it sure does cook a steak perfectly. He also swears by Lodge cast iron cookware.

Throughout the holiday season, I’ll continue to populate items to the boutique widget below so check back from time to time for new ideas!

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