Golden Goose – Are They Worth the Price?

Love these Golden Goose sneakers. But are they worth it?

One of the most surprising trends this spring is the “dirty sneaker trend”. I first laughed when I heard about it, but then I realized any pair of sneakers will eventually become dirty. I now equate it with comfortable, casual shoes that just happen to look broken in. Golden Goose are one of the most popular brands, but they can run over $500 a pair. Are Golden Goose worth the price?

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Before we discuss the outrageous sticker price, let me explain a few things. As a mom who spends my day running around town, I value comfortable, yet stylish, shoes. I wear sneakers year-round with just about everything, so a sneaker trend had my name written all over it. I’ve been intrigued by Golden Goose for a while, so I did a little research.

Love these silver sneakers with everything

What I found out was each shoe is hand-made, manually processed, and constructed by Italian shoe designers. They make very few of the same style, making each product special and unique, almost like a piece of art. They even manually distress each pair to give it that cool, vintage feel. These aren’t your production line shoes, as they use high-quality materials you won’t find at most retailers.

With quality craftsmanship and materials comes a higher price tag. Most Golden Goose run around $500 and are definitely a luxury item. I compare this to anyone purchasing a designer handbag or diamond jewelry. Yes, I love to shop at Target, but I also love the occasional splurge.

Over the last couple years, I’ve sold a number of items I no longer use on Poshmark. I left the balance on my account, waiting for the right item to come along that needed to live in my closet. Enter this pair of Golden Goose. They were brand new, never worn (not that you could tell with the whole dirty sneaker style) and over $100 off the retail price. I purchased them using my credit on my Poshmark account and had them in my hands a few days later.

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When they arrived and I shared them on my Instagram Stories, I received SO MANY QUESTIONS about them. Most people wanted to know if they were worth the money, hence the reason this post came to life. I decided I needed to wear them for a few weeks before I shared my thoughts and summed up a few of those questions below.

Does anyone need a pair of $500 shoes? Absolutely not.

Are they comfortable? For sure.

Do they run true to size? I’d say so! I’m usually around a 7.5 and tend to size up when shoes only come in whole sizes. So I went with an 8, which is a size 38 in European sizes.

Am I happy I spent the money on them? Definitely, especially since I used a store credit to buy them.

Are they a fun statement piece that receive tons of compliments? 100%

What socks do you wear with them? I haven’t figured this one out yet. Most of the time I don’t wear socks, but this needs to change with summer coming. More to come on this one.

Are Golden Goose worth $500? That’s up for debate.

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I really am happy I splurged on my Golden Goose. However, if you don’t want to spend $500 on tennis shoes with little stars on the side, there are plenty of adorable dupe options that will give you the same feel at a much lower price tag. I’d say this is one of those where the real deal is a lot of fun, but dupes are equally as cool.

These sneakers are so fun and trendy



Anyone else a fan of Golden Goose? Do you think they are worth the money?