Give yourself an at-home facial this Valentine’s Day

Seriously the best face mask out there

Anyone a fan of a spa day? If I was in a room with 100 women, I bet almost all of them would raise their hand. In fact, most men probably would, too. Yeah, spa days are fun, but it is hard to find the time to make it happen, and then there’s the giant bill at the end of the appointment. Today I’m sharing a little secret to give yourself an affordable at-home facial, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

A huge thanks to L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL for sponsoring this post. All honest opinions included are my own.

My favorite affordable at home facial

By now, you guys should be pretty familiar with L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL. I’ve been working with this brand I truly use and love for just about a year now. However, just in case you are new, I’ll fill you in on the scoop. L’BRI’s number one ingredient in their pure and natural skincare products is aloe. Water is typically the number one ingredient for other brands.

We all know aloe is great for cuts or bug bites, but it also has healing properties that actually help with strengthening and thickening the skin. Aloe can also rebuild, regenerate, and restore your skin, delivers anti-aging benefits, and improve overall skin health. Good stuff, right?

An easy and affordable at home spa day

While I have yet to find a L’BRI product I didn’t like, the Facial Masque is probably my favorite. I actually talked about Facial Masque back in September when I was sharing a few of my fall skincare favorites. However, I wanted to mention it one more time because if you were only going to splurge on one L’BRI product, this would be the one I’d recommend.

The Facial Masque is truly a full facial in one little bottle. You can use the masque twice a week after cleansing for smoother, tighter, more refreshed skin. Use your fingers to apply the gold liquid to your face and leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

This is what the facial mask looks like when it is dry

One thing to note: the masque is a little sticky when applying it to your face. However, it starts to dry very quickly and dries clear. See the photo above for the dried Facial Masque on my face. It doesn’t burn, isn’t itchy and doesn’t leave me looking red. After washing off the dried masque, I’m left with instantly smoother, softer and firmer skin.

Part of the reason I love this product is because you can actually feel it tightening the skin on your face as it dries. In fact, a few of the Facial Masque reviews on the L’BRI website claim it’s an instant face lift. I personally like to call it a little bottle of liquid gold. And the best part? It only costs $30!

Love this at home facial masque

Take some time for self care this Valentine’s Day and give yourself the gift of an at-home facial. Also, head over and check out my Valentine’s Day post for the scoop on these cute heart jammies.

Anyone try the L’BRI Facial Masque before? Let me know what you think in the comments!