Gift Guide: Men

Oh, the men. Always the hardest group to buy for. To be honest, I realized I have about 10 more women’s gift guides planned, and this is the only one for the dudes. I’ll probably end up doing another for the guys, but this one should be a good start. Here is my 2019 gift guide for men.

Note: This post contains affiliate links

Lululemon camo workout shorts, wine decanter, Google Home mini, waterproof Birkenstock sandals, Hydroflask coffee mug, wild game beef jerkey set, Patagonia Nano Puff jacket, Nike joggers, Bose sunglasses headphones, “You don’t have to be ruthless to win” book by Jonathan Keyser, Dad Jokes book, Travis Mathew hat, Iron in a Bottle wrinkle releaser, Adidas sneakers, Bonobos plaid shirt, ring toss game

When I put together the men’s gift guide, I usually try to pick things that I know my husband would like. While I know everyone has different taste, Kurt does like nice things so I truly believe everything on this list would be a hit. He LOVES his waterproof Birks (only $40!!), Bonobos shirts, Lululemon shorts and uses the all-natural Iron in a Bottle wrinkle release every single day. I’ve also included a few other men’s options below.

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