My Closet Reveal

Drooling over this closet

When we decided to buy our remodel, I was excited about the existing master bedroom closet space. However, once our contractor suggested tearing out the old, huge fireplace in the master bedroom and building a second master closet for my husband, I was ECSTATIC about the closet that would be all mine. Let me show you my personal heaven – here is my closet reveal.

Note: this post contains affiliate links. Also, I’d like to send a huge thanks to Hudson Valley Lighting for sponsoring this post

Love all the shoe storage

So let’s talk closets. I’ve always dreamed about a pretty white closet with custom built-ins, a bunch of shoe racks and space I can call my own. While this closet system was designed by the previous owners, it does feature plenty of space for my bounty of stuff, adjustable shelves and hanging bars, and I no longer have to share with my loving husband. That alone is my dream closet.

It’s kind of hard to tell the shape of this closet from these photos, but it is basically one big L shape. You walk in between the shoe racks and then turn left to get to the back of the closet. I considered creating a diagram and then decided that was overkill. Ha.

This actually isn’t my first closet reveal I’ve done as a blogger. I did one in early 2018 before we moved to the new house and started the remodel. You can read my old closet reveal post HERE. Let’s just say my new closet is a MAJOR upgrade.


This closet is really, really close to my dream closet. However, the one thing it is missing is a window with natural light. Trust me, this isn’t a complaint. This is a pure acknowledgement of the one thing that would make the space just that much better.

Since there was no way to add a window to the space due to rooms on the other side of the walls, I did the next best thing. I added two fabulous light fixtures. I’m obsessed with the Hudson Valley Lighting Fleming light in aged brass (C/O HVL). I love how it is a semi-flush mount on the ceiling, but it still gives off a chandelier feeling. It features 8 bulbs, which perfectly illuminates the space, day or night. And it just looks awesome.

Dresses, tanks, and tops

Black velvet hangers

One of the biggest things I love about this closet is the pure amount of hanging space. I feel like things never look neat and tidy when they are folded, so it’s easier for me to put almost everything on a hanger.

I know this might not look overly organized, but there is a method to my madness. I organize everything in my closet by style and sleeve length. As far as dresses go, I have everything grouped by long dresses, swim cover ups, sleeveless dresses, short sleeve dresses and long sleeve dresses. My shirts are also organized by sleeve length.

I know some people like to organize by color, but I swear by the sleeve length method. Especially with Arizona’s extreme heat, it really helps me focus on what section of my closet works with the weather. When it is 113 outside like yesterday, I can zero in on the shorts and tank tops. It works for me so I’m sticking with it.

With this specific closet, I made the decision to swap out all of my old plastic tube hangers for black velvet hangers. SO glad I did, as they definitely keep things in place better than their plastic counterparts. I know it is a bit of an investment, but found them as cheap as 100 for $30 on Amazon. And they make me happy every single time I walk in my closet.

Jeans, shorts and skirts

Velvet skirt hangers, pant hangers

I’ve always hung my jeans on hangers, but hanging my shorts is new for this specific closet. My husband thinks I’m crazy to hang up my shorts, but I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to be able to pick out an entire outfit and hang it up for the next day. Plus they just look cool. I don’t have a ton of skirts, but the ones I do have are hung in the back corner behind my laundry hamper and shoes.

Jackets, vests and sweatshirts

Things like jackets, sweatshirts and vests take up quite a bit of room, so I have these things stored in the far back corner of the closet. Again, hanging these things helps me find them easily and I organize them by style or weight. Now if only the weather would cool down so I could actually wear them for longer than a 4 second picture.


I know, I have a lot of shoes. Call it my weakness, but they’ve always been my favorite thing to buy. This is the first house in my entire life where I’ve ever been able to display my shoes. That alone is a total dream.

Like I said above, the shelving in this closet is 100% adjustable and I made some major changes to how it was configured when we first moved in. I had to add quite a few shelves to make the spaces skinny enough for all of my shoes. Also, I added a row up high to store off-season footwear.

Right now most of my boots are stored up where I can’t reach them without a step ladder (you know, the step ladder that I obnoxiously spray painted gold to match my closet decor). However, once it finally cools down, I’ll move all my wedges up high and pull down the boots. I also store all my tennis shoes and sandals right by the door since I probably wear those the most.


I’ve mentioned this before, but we had a lot of stuff stolen last summer during our remodel. It sucks, but some of my favorite purses were taken. Some of them will probably never be replaced, but I’m happy I figured out a way to display some of my remaining favorites. I also have a few hooks around the walls of the closet for purses I use regularly and tote bags.

Sweaters and leggings

I know these things don’t always go together (or maybe they do) but these are two things I have stored in the cabinet and drawer towers. The cabinets actually have cedar planks in the back, so folding sweaters in this dust-free space works out perfectly.

I struggled with leggings storage in our old house and I finally figured out a solution. I roll them up and keep them stored in the drawers. I can see the prints and it is super easy to put them away this way. Pretty much genius if you ask me. I also use the drawers to store swimsuits, pajamas, sweats and other miscellaneous items.


Jewelry armoire (similar) and gold jewelry display mirror (on sale for $40)

In our last house, I had this really cool jewelry wall organizer. It worked perfectly in the space and I had plans to use it again in this house. However, since the closet system was already installed when we bought the place, there wasn’t an empty flat fall to mount it on. That required me to move onto Plan B.

I liked the idea of a jewelry armoire, but didn’t love the $200 price tag to buy one new online. Instead, I decided to test out my DIY skills and refinish one I found on Facebook marketplace for $40. My jewelry armoire used to be a dark brown with antique bronze handles, but it was still in good shape. After way too many hours of spray painting, I was left with the perfect solution to store all my jewelry. I also installed a cute little gold jewelry mirror with a bar for storage for the items I wear frequently.


You guys know by now that I grew up in Ohio. Well, back in my Ohio days I really, really loved scarves. I still do, but scarf weather barely exists here in AZ. However, for years I almost looked at myself as a scarf collector. I’d buy them on vacations and received countless scarves as gifts over the years. I was determined to hold onto many of these for sentimental value. And if there is a major cold front, I’m prepared.

Since I don’t wear them too often anymore, I was OK with storing my scarves up high. I folded up some of my favorite winter scarves to make a cute little stack. Then I rolled up the lightweight scarves to completely fill up one of the sections.

So there you have it. I’ll admit it isn’t always quite this tidy, but it feels so good to finally have a closet large enough to fit all my things. It may not be perfect, but it is definitely my dream closet.