Summer/Fall Beauty Review

My fall 2019 beauty review

It’s no secret that being a blogger has some perks. Even though I’ve been blogging for many years now, it still never gets old when I receive a PR package on my doorstep. I absolutely love trying out new products, especially when they are new items just being rolled out to stores. Today I’m giving my honest feedback on some of the recent beauty products I’ve received in the mail.

Note: This post contains affiliate links

Cami leopard pj set/ short sleeved leopard pj set/ Leopard pajama pants

This is the first of my quarterly beauty blog review series. I’ve obviously talked about products over the years on my blog and Instagram, but I’m going to do a better job at formally putting these posts together. That way it is in one place for you guys to check out my post and reference back when it is time to buy a new <insert whatever beauty product you might need here>.

Full disclosure, everything I’m talking about in this post was gifted from the brands. I’ve tested out many, many more products than what is included in this list. This list contains the best of the best. My favorite products that I think you guys will also love. Let’s get to it.

Trestique Makeup

Trestique is a brand new brand in my makeup drawer. All their products are a two-in-one that includes either two different products, or a product and an applicator. I absolutely love them for travel and my gym bag because I can bring along a small number of items and still have every single thing I need.

The brand was kind enough to send over their Essential 8, which is a kit of 8 different products that can be used to pull together a 5 minute face. Since I very rarely spend more time than that on my makeup, it’s basically all I need. I love the whole kit, but my favorites are definitely the mascara and the concealer. The mascara includes a curling tool and the concealer crayon just does the trick. I’d also like to give a shout out to the plumping lip balm and highlight stick, which are both perfect for summer. Everything can be selected as a part of the kit or purchased individually.


The best drugstore eyeliner

I love a good drugstore beauty find, so I couldn’t resist sharing a few favorites from Rimmel London. I don’t wear a liquid eyeliner everyday, but for the past few months, I’ve been rocking the Rimmel London Precise Eyeliner. The eyeliner feels like a pen and because the tip is so thin, it’s easy to apply and create a natural look.

Also, Rimmel London sent over their nude eyeliner. When I first opened the package, I didn’t quite get it. However, as soon as I used it under my eyes once, I was hooked. Think of it almost as a small concealer to hide dark circles directly underneath your eyes. I always use concealer under my eyes, but adding this eyeliner into the mix makes a world of difference. Trust me, try this one.

CBD Skincare

I know we’ve all heard a ton about the benefits of CBD over the last few years. Yes, it is made from a cannabis plant, but it lacks the THC which gives off the feeling of being “high”. I’ve never tried CBD oil before, but I was crazy intrigued when Gron asked if I wanted to give their CBD beauty products a test.

I’m at the age where I’m always looking for new anti-aging skincare products. Gron’s reversing face and neck cream has become my new daily go-to moisturizer when I get out of the shower. There is something about this product that leaves my skin feeling amazing and dare I say it, it has helped reduce some fine lines and wrinkles. I liked all their products, but this cream was by far my favorite. I’d also like to give a shout out to their CBD body balm, which I’ve used for random aches and pains.


I absolutely love all things Pixi. I consider it a drugstore brand (all their products are sold at Target), but it’s almost like upscale drugstore. Let’s just say Pixi is Sensible Shopaholic approved. I’ve tried a ton of their products and had a hard time picking favorites. However, I narrowed it down to their eye shadow palettes (here and here) and three of their glow skincare products (pHenomenal gel, glow tonic serum and their glow tonic).

The colors in the palettes are stunning and the price for such a big palette is pretty amazing ($24). Also, the Pixi glow products claim to give your face a guaranteed glow if they are consistently used for 30 days. I 100% agree with this claim because these products make my skin feel AMAZING. I love using these before bed after washing my face. Bonus: right now Target is offering a $5 Target gift card for $20 in beauty purchases, so there you go.

Curling Irons

Curling iron

I’ve talked about my mad love of T3 hair tools before. They aren’t cheap, but they are fricking amazing. They get super hot, but don’t seem to damage my hair quite as bad cheaper tools. I tend to switch on and off between a curling iron vs. curling wand because they give my hair a totally different look. I love the T3 curling wand and curling iron sets because they both come with interchangeable barrels. Change out the barrel size or shape to give your hair a new look. These are a splurge but I can’t recommend them enough.

Nail Polish

The best drugstore nail polish

Finally, I’ve said for years that I mainly do my nails at home. I try to go get a pedicure a couple times a year to address the whole callus situation, but I don’t have the time, patience or desire to visit a nail salon every 2-3 weeks. I try to find long-lasting polishes that come in pretty colors that are easy to remove. I mean, who has the time to soak their nails in foil covered acetone cotton balls? Not this girl.

I’ve become a big fan of the Sally Hansen miracle gel nail polish because they don’t require a special lamp and can be removed with normal nail polish remover. The colors are pretty, the price is fantastic and they even offer different topcoat finishes (glossy vs. matte). These are definitely worth a try.

That’s a wrap on this edition of my beauty box round-up. What do you guys think? Should I do these quarterly? Let me know in the comments!