Part 2: Home Security Monitoring by Blink

My thoughts on home security

I have a number of reasons to be concerned about home security. There is nothing worse than having your privacy invaded or even worse, feeling uncomfortable in your own home. I’m happy my home finally has security camera monitoring thanks to Blink for Home Security.

5 minute home security installation

I’m thrilled to be partnering with Blink For Home, an Amazon company, for this blog post. Let me give you guys a little back story on my multiple break-ins and why I installed a video security camera at my home.

No wires required for this wifi camera

So easy to install this security camera. No wires!

If you haven’t already read Part 1: I’m a Victim in my home security series, go ahead and check it out. Unfortunately, I was a victim in an assault in my home years ago. Obviously the whole thing is horrible, but the emotional damage has lessened over the years. Well, until the past few weeks.

Protect your home with Blink Home Security for $99

You guys know I’m in the middle of a whole home renovation. We spent the summer in California while our contractor and his crew demo-ed our house. We were told we could leave our possessions in the closets, as well as locked in the garage. Our contractor has been in business for many years and we’ve gotten know to him and his team really well over the last year or two. They stated they’ve never had a problem with theft on job sites in the past other than the occasional tool or wheelbarrow which disappeared. We took things like jewelry with us, but items like TVs, computer monitors, tools, clothes, furniture, etc.. were left covered up, stored in closets or in the locked garage. We had to leave a key to the garage with our contractor, as a water heater, HVAC and electrical panel is located out there.

Immediately after we returned from our summer in LA, I went looking for a few boxes of make-up I had left in my closet. I had run out of a few items while in California and wanted to grab some things, except the boxes were no longer in my closet. That’s weird, I thought to myself. I told my husband and he said it’s possible they had to move a few things while they were tearing out the floors in the closet. I went back the next morning to take a few pictures and compare to the photos I took in mid-June before we left for California. As it turns out, it was more than just the make-up that was gone.

My husband checked the other closets and realized our large TV, widescreen computer monitor, shoes, and other random items were also gone. We even had a dishwasher disappear which had been moved outside for a few days. We talked to the contractor about it and they said they would make a few changes security-wise. Well, in the couple weeks since the initial missing items, we’ve had even more stuff disappear like tools, handbags, boots and hats. Obviously, the contractor’s changes aren’t working and I’m convinced it is an inside job. We haven’t resolved the issue yet, but it was time to take matters into my own hands.

We moved back into the house about a month ago since a few of the bedrooms and bathrooms were complete (remodel update coming soon). Right after I dropped the suitcases on the floor, my husband and I installed an outdoor Wifi security camera above the front door by Blink For Home. All the workers enter and exit the home through the front door so that is the best way to monitor who is coming and going and what they have in their hands.

Easy home security installation

This wifi security camera is so easy to use

Review your security clips

Wifi camera monitoring from your phone

Blink for Home is a completely wire-free home security camera system that sends motion-activated alerts, pictures and/or high-def video to your phone through the Blink app. You can set the sensitivity, video length, add multiple cameras, and remotely keep an eye on your home. I personally love it because it is only $129 for the purchase of the camera, no contract, monthly fees or electrical wires required. The camera operates off two AA lithium batteries that will last up to two years before you have to replace them.

The company advertised 5 minute set-up and it honestly only took that long. I think it took longer for my phone to download the app than it did to get it installed. I let my husband screw the holder into the wall since we wanted it mounted up pretty high; however, the rest I truly did myself. The only thing you need to have is Wifi and a screwdriver!

My husband installed this security camera in less than

As soon as the camera is where you want it, you can immediately use it to watch what is happening live or record video clips (you determine how long) when the camera detects movement. Since our recent theft is likely a result of a worker allowed inside the home, this gives me a lot of comfort we will be able to identify them if anything further is stolen. I also love that I can see when packages are delivered or who might be on the other side of my front door. My biggest regret is not installing a Blink For Home camera months ago. I already want to purchase at least one more to place above my garage.

Years ago when I had my first experience with burglary, home security cameras were at a price point which was inaccessible to most families. However, now I’m thankful most of us can now afford to have a Blink For Home camera in their home (only $129)!

Does anyone else have a Blink For Home camera in your house? Let me know in the comments below!!

Note: This post is sponsored by Blink but all opinions included are my own

    I feel safe at home because of Blink