NYFW Day 2 Recap

I need that Tory bag

I’ve been back in AZ for a week now and I think I’m still recovering from New York Fashion Week! The whole trip was a dream. Almost like I didn’t sleep because it was flat out exhausting, but so much fun! In case you missed it, click HERE to check out my NYFW Day 1 blog post. And onto Day 2…

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Such pretty curls

I started out Day 2 by heading over to DreamDry Bar to get my hair and makeup done with a few other bloggers. If I’m being totally honest, the last time I’ve had my hair and makeup done was for a wedding a couple years ago, so this was a total treat for me. For hair, I wanted to do something a tad different than my usual curls. I went with a little braid on one side and curls on the rest. It looked so cute in the salon, but the wind did some damage to my do as soon as I walked outside. Not much we can do there! My make-up turned out really well, too. I went for a natural look but played up the eyes a little bit. Thank you DreamDry for hosting us! Now if only these ladies were available to do my hair all the time! #thatwouldbethelife

Such cute hair

Love the color of this bag

This small side braid is adorable

This skirt is amazing

Outfit details: Embroidered skirt, black bodysuit, Tory Burch Bag, Open Toe Bootie Heels

This embroidered skirt is stunning

After DreamDry, I headed down the road to attend the RewardStyle Rooftop party at Monarch Rooftop bar. Walking was by far the easier/quicker/cheaper route so I’ll pulled my flip flops out of my bag and pretended to be a real New Yorker. I didn’t know what to expect since it was 11am and an open house format. I didn’t plan to stay too long since I had a few runway shows lined up for the afternoon. Also, I’ll fully admit, I find events like this pretty intimidating, but I put on a brave face and even made a few new friends. I was met with the cutest rooftop set-up, mimosas, and a ton of other amazing bloggers to mingle with. Some were so sweet! RewardStyle was handing out these gorgeous dried flower earrings and even had a latte machine which printed our faces on the foam. Yes, for real (see below)!! It was a fun event, but I was ready to rejoin my group of friends and hit the shows.

The perfect party skirt

What a cute bodysuit

Latte with face printed on it

I met back up with my original group of blogger friends to take a few quick photos in front of the Flatiron Building. After shooting a few quick shots, I realized it was almost 1pm and I hadn’t ate a single thing all day. I grabbed a quick sandwich at a little shop and was mocked by a delivery guy while I shoved my chicken wrap in my face. Lol. I’m sure I looked ridiculous, all dressed up in my embroidered skirt, but whatever. That’s reality, right there.

Love blogger babes

Blogger friend are so fun

A lot of you have asked me who I hung out with at NYFW. Well, I was so thankful to be able to go with Alison from All Things Alison. I’ve been Instagram friends (weird to say, but true) with her for years and I was ecstatic our travel plans crossed this year. We ended up sharing a hotel room for a night and hanging out all weekend. I was SO grateful to have her there, especially since this was her second NYFW. She answered probably 250 questions of mine regarding the weekend! Definitely give her a follow on Instagram if you don’t already. She loves affordable fashion, is hilarious on her stories and has the cutest dog ever. I know you guys will love her! Here is the link to her cute red dress in case you are interested.

Such a chic outfit

My first New York Fashion Week

We decided to head back to the hotel to do a quick outfit change after the Flatiron Building. Let’s be honest, my hair needed a few more curls after walking the streets of NYC as well. Plus no one wears the same outfit for too long during NYFW!

Blogging for a living

NYFW As A Blogger

After our outfit change, we hopped in an Uber to get to our 3pm show. Except when we got there, there was a line with about 200 people and a ton of fashion show workers saying the show was at capacity. It was so disappointing because we had confirmed tickets, as well as other show options we could have attended! I even saw huge bloggers (some that have over 500k followers) that weren’t allowed inside. Instead, we ended up finding a cute wine bar and having a drink, which was so much fun. We made a few new blogger friends who were in the same scenario as us. I’m all about relationships so I almost valued that time more than the show. We also decided to get there EARLY for the 6pm show, which was being held at the same location.

These sleeves

Love this dress with the booties

Outfit details: Chiffon bubble sleeve mini dress, velvet booties, Tory Burch bucket bag, resin earrings

The 6pm show featured Afffair at Industria in the Meatpacking District. We got in line around 5:30 and still ended up in the back row. I saw Perez Hilton (the blogger, not the socialite) as well as some other woman who looked familiar, but we couldn’t figure out who she was. They whisked her inside as soon as her car pulled up, so I’m guessing she was someone important (more important than me, haha). The Afffair women’s clothing line was absolutely stunning. Most of the gowns were black and featured a lot of gorgeous embellishments. I don’t exactly have a place to wear pieces like these often, but they were stunning! Here are a few shots from the show.

Afffair at NYFW

Afffair gold dress

Afffair dresses

Afffair chic dress

Following the show, we headed over to Bond 45 NYC, which is an Italian restaurant near Times Square. Honestly, I was skeptical because I’ve had more bad meals in Times Square than good, but this place was AMAZING. We ordered virtually every appetizer on the menu, drank fantastic wine and indulged in amazing pasta. I rarely order pasta so this was such a special treat. If anyone is looking for a restaurant before or after a Broadway show, this is the place to go! Adorable atmosphere, too! Thanks so much for the staff at Bond 45 for having us!     Resin earrings

Following dinner, I decided to call it a night. Remember, I only got a few hours of sleep the night before, so my bed was calling my name. I stayed at the Sheraton Tribeca for nights 2 and 3 during my time in New York, which was a WAY better location than near Times Square. Great hotel, too!

I’ll work on getting my Day 3 post up later this week. Cheers, friends!

Such a pretty dress

The sleeves are so cute on this mini




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    • Fashion is definitely up for interpretation these day. However, the dad sneaker trend is one that is flat out bad. I hope it dies quickly. Haha. Thanks for reading

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