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The cutest tassel dress and fringe sandals

Happy happy Friday, friends! It has been a whirlwind of a week for me. As I mentioned in my Ivory post, we ran into some issues moving last weekend. We are finally in the new house, dropped our stuff inside and flew out on Wednesday for a trip to the Midwest. We knew it would be a quick turnaround, but we thought we’d have 5 days to enjoy the new place, not 2. Whatever, as we all know, life never quite goes as planned. We are starting our remodel next month so we aren’t really unpacking right away. It’s been one of those week where you realize how few things you really need in life, so I figured it was a good time to share a few of my recent favorite things. Let’s get to it.

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The cutest fringe sandals

1. These fringe slide sandals. During our failed move, we were left with a random assortment of dirty clothes and the shoes on our feet. The rest of our stuff was packed up in a moving truck, which we thought would be unloaded that night. However, we had three full days where we had to go buy stuff just to get us by. Even though the only pair of shoes not in the truck were amazing (see those below), this scenario gave me a good excuse to go to Target and buy a new, cute pair. Enter these Aztec fringe slides. They fit true to size, are only $23 and are perfect with almost any outfit. Score.

Colorful cord organization

2. During our move, I realized I own a ridiculous amount of cords. Whether it is headphones and cords to various phones and devices, it’s flat out insane. I have no clue what most of them belong to, many of them are broken on the ends, and it is hard to keep them straight. Elewraps makes these color-coded cord organizers that will also protect the ends of your cords from breaking. So much easier to keep them organized, plus they just look cute. They do take a bit of time to wrap, but I’m all about anything involving organization.

Organic shaving cream

3.This is such a silly product to mention, but I absolutely love my Dr. Bronner’s shaving cream. I’ve been doing my best to try to use safer, organic products and randomly bought this stuff at Sprouts a good 6 months ago. It’s more like a soap than a foam, but it smells like I’m slathering my body in essential oils and is way safer than the Target brand I was using before. One squeezy bottle also lasted me about 6 months (maybe I don’t shave enough???), so it was totally worth the $8 price tag. Awesome product if you are also looking to switch to safer products.

The best waterproof pool shoes

4. Like I said, I was left with one single pair of shoes for the weekend. Literally the only shoes that weren’t packed away in my moving truck. The pair on my feet were my white foamy Birkenstocks. My husband bought these for me for Mother’s Day because he owns a similar pair I purchased for him last year. They are the most practical everyday sandals (we call them our “house shoes”) and they are also waterproof. They have amazing support, come in 7 colors, and are only $40 (Target has a $12 knock off pair available here). I’m in love with them, but after wearing them for probably 40,000 steps in two long days, I was ready for another pair (enter the fringe slides above).

Small booster seat for travel

5. I had a friend message me yesterday asking how I deal with car seats when traveling with kids. You guys know I have a bit of experience on this topic. Well, my go to travel booster is the Mifold. It brings the lap strap down to kid level on both sides which means the kids don’t need to be raised up like a traditional booster. Better yet, it folds up and is easy to fit in a backpack or tote bag. I can’t say enough good things about this product and it is well worth paying the $40 for this device instead of renting a dirty car seat from a rental car company. We’ve also tried the Bubble Bum, which is an inflatable booster, but I personally like the Mifold better. FYI for parents who have kids over 40 lbs and 40″.

That’s all I’ve got for you guys today. I hope you have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend and I’ll catch you next week!




  1. Thanks for sharing all of your favorites with us. I hope you’re home reno goes smoothly!!

  2. They all sound awesome goodies and thank you for sharing it! Hope your new home is coming along well and that you had an amazing weekend❤️

  3. Thank you for sharing these are all great products, I love the slides and the detailing on them!

    ~xo Sheree

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