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My favorite family soap

As you guys know, we are in the process of moving into a new home. Of course things didn’t go according to plan with the closing (do they ever??) because the bank had a date wrong on a document. More on that later, but we are finally closing today. Needless to say, things have been CRAZY around our household. After being “homeless” all weekend and finalizing the move, we are also kicking off a full-house renovation. I’m talking top to bottom, almost every surface will be replaced. With all this going on, I’m currently relying on the simple tried and true favorites to keep our heads above water. Ivory is one of them.

Bathtime favorites with Ivory

I’d like to send Ivory a huge thank you for sponsoring this post. I honestly couldn’t genuinely endorse any other product quite like I could Ivory. Let me tell you a funny story and explain why.

I only buy Natural soaps

I met my husband my freshman year in college in a dining hall. We dated for a few months, I broke up with him, and then we proceeded to get back together (for life) a few years later. He still gives me a hard time about our break-up, but I’d say it all worked out in the end. Well, once we reached the point in our relationship where we were sharing toiletries, he explained he only uses Ivory soap.

My favorite pure soap

Wait, I only use Ivory soap. It’s like Kurt and I were destined to be together.

My favorite gentle soap

I’ve used Ivory since I was a kid and have never ventured from it. Quite frankly, I never had a reason to. It gets me clean, doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and is super affordable. My parents still use the brand to this day and passed the love of this classic product down to me.

My kids love the Ivory Bodywash

Even in my college dorm days, I carried one of those goofy shower caddies down the hall to the community bathroom containing a hard travel case of Ivory bar soap. Let’s just say I’m very thankful I no longer have to shower while wearing flip flops.

Gotta love old school ivory

Fast forward 15 years, we are still an Ivory soap household. Especially now that we have two very messy kids, using products with pure ingredients which are free from dyes and perfumes couldn’t be more important. My husband and I prefer our old fashioned bar soap (which is 99.44% pure), but our kids like the body wash.

My favorite kids soap

I mean, have you ever seen a kid try to hold onto a bar of soap in the bath tub? Yeah, it’s impossible so I’m thankful for an easier alternative. Carter is getting to the age where he still likes to take baths to play, but he also likes showering by himself. It’s nice to be able to trust him with safe products as he’s starting to do more and more for himself.

Only the best for this little girl

As we continue down the road of home renovation, I’m very thankful I don’t have to make a decision about what soap to use. We clearly have countless big decisions ahead of us. And one day if my son ends up marrying a girl who also uses Ivory, I’ll know she’s a keeper.

 The best family soap

Love a good pure soap



  1. This post is just too cute! I have never personally used ivory soap, we’ve always been a dove family! Thanks for sharing though.

  2. I love Ivory soaps and have been using it for years! Your photos are so cute of your kids trying out Ivory and they look happy❤️

  3. I don’t think I have ever used Ivory soap, but I am interested to try it now after this post!

    ~xo Sheree

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