The Cutest Spring/Summer Outfit + Blogger Q&A

The perfect summer shirt

Do you have outfits in your closet that you just love? Ones that are 100% your style and make you smile when you are getting dressed? Well, this is one of those for me. I absolutely love everything about it and think it is the perfect spring/summer outfit. I’ll tell you why in a minute, along with answers to a few other recent questions I’ve received.

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Need this $20 amazon top

Outfit details: pom pom top, white jean shorts, sandals, straw bag, sunglasses

Before I get to the questions, I have to talk about this outfit for a minute. This top was seriously made with me in mind. This one simple shirt combines stripes, flutter sleeves, embroidery and pom poms effortlessly into one. On top of that, it is under $20!! I actually purchased mine on Amazon (you can try the Amazon link here in case they restock), but it sadly sold out. However, I did find the exact same one on SheIn for even less than I paid on Amazon.

I need this $20 shirt

I also want to mention the jean shorts I’m wearing in this photo. They are from H&M and I now own them in two colors because they are that good. They definitely run small though. I know H&M uses European sizing so I always have to try everything on there. However, I’m usually a 0/2 or a 25/26 in American jeans/shorts and an H&M 8 in this style fit me perfectly. I maybe could have done a 6, but I really hate shorts that are too tight. Oh, and they only cost $20!! Maybe I need to consider buying more colors!

How cute are the ties on this top?

Alright, onto the questions. Like I mentioned above, I do get quite a few somewhat random questions from readers. I did one of these Q&A posts a couple weeks ago and it has been my most popular post so far this month. Are you guys really interested in learning more about little old me? That will always be crazy to me, but I’ll give you the deets if you guys want to listen!

Striped pom pom embroidered top from Amazon

Q. Why don’t you post with your kids more often?

A. You guys do see my kids pop up in my posts from time to time, but not all that often. To be honest, it is for a number of reasons and not just one specifically. The biggest reason is because my kids didn’t ask to live their lives on the internet. I have personal social media accounts where I spam my close friends and family with their school photos and other activities, but I keep them out of my blog on a daily basis. Occasionally, Kenzie asks to join me in photos (like the one above), but they generally hate being in front of the camera.

They are old enough now to make that decision for themselves and I do my best to respect that. Further, my passion lies in fashion and style; not knowing the top 12 mom hacks. There are plenty of bloggers out there who can provide you with far better packed lunch ideas (trust me, I follow them). Me, I’m good at finding cool stuff at good prices. Finally, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it feels safer to me to focus on myself than my kids.

Q. How tall are you?

A. I’m 5’3″ on a good day.

Q. What do you like the least about blogging?

A. To be honest, the constant comparison. I have so many days where I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved. Then I have other days where I wonder why I wasn’t select to work with XYZ brand. Part of me wishes I would have started this crazy career 5 years earlier before I had kids. I do occasionally think about what it would have been like to blog professionally though pregnancy. Also, I can’t help but compare myself to the other fashion bloggers in their 20’s who are wrinkle free and have all the time in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I try my best to put those thoughts aside, but it is hard when it is in your face all day long. So being 100% honest, it’s that.

Q. Why are you moving?

A. You may recall I mentioned in my closet post we are moving to a new house in mid-May. We are SO excited about the new place, even though we have a complete gut remodel ahead of us after we close. My husband and I both agreed about a year ago it was time for us to start the next chapter. We aren’t forever home people and both of us get bored easily. We’ve lived in this house for 7.5 years (far longer than anticipated) and we were ready for a bigger lot and a new challenge. My son is starting kindergarten in the fall so it was also good timing since we are moving to a new school district.

Q. What do you love more: shoes or purses?

A. I’ll admit, this is a tough one. Clearly, I’d choose both if I could. However, if you made me pick, I’d go with shoes. I’m definitely a shoe girl at heart.

That’s it for today. Are you guys still digging the Q&A’s? I’ll start doing it monthly if you promise to read them! Let me know in the comments below.

The perfect summer outfit





  1. I enjoy posts like this! I love getting to know other bloggers better! I’m definitely more of a shoe gal myself too (purses are a close second if I had to choose) 🙌🏻

  2. This outfit, especially the cute top, is absolutely making me happy. I love the fun colors and the silhouette. It’s always interesting knowing more about you. Thanks for the inspo.

    xo Sheree

  3. I’m loving that cute top! So perfect for all the warm weather coming. 😉

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