Throwing it back to the 90’s in Chenille

When I first spotted chenille popping up all over stores this past Fall, it brought me straight back to the 90’s. I remember my mom and grandma sporting some mad chenille back in the day. After all, I give these two lovely ladies all the credit for introducing me to the wonderful world of fashion, trends and shopping. I probably spent more time rocking a New Kids on the Block t-shirt during my childhood than chenille sweaters, but I still have vivid memories of this trend. After all, all trends come back in style at some point.

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Outfit details: chenille cardigan, tank, jeans, open toe booties (similar), necklace, sunglasses

I’ve said it before, but I’m a sucker for all things soft and cozy. As a stay-at-home mom, I’m not exactly living a fancy lifestyle. Being a mom is the best job ever, but it definitely isn’t glamorous. Not gonna lie, it is more likely you’d find food stuck on my clothes than catch me wearing a pair of heels. So when I come across a trend that fits my laid back life (and feels like wearing a cozy blanket), I’m all about it.

Take this outfit for example. I’m wearing one of my favorite pairs of stretchy jeans, a plain white tank and a grey chenille cardigan. This is one of those pretty pieces that almost changes colors depending on the lighting. The photos above were taken in bright sunlight, giving it almost a taupe tone. The photos below were taken in the shade, which shows the real life color.

I love a good cardigan because they are so easy to throw on top of another outfit. Especially a soft chenille version. I also own a chenille hoodie, which some of you might remember from my holiday recap post. It took a while for chenille to make its way back into stores, but I can tell you one thing. This trend will be back again next year. Every blogger out there is wondering why it took so long for chenille to come back in style. Well, at least the ones old enough to remember it.

I’ve also added a bunch of other cute chenille sweaters in the widget below. I really, really want the black and white striped sweater, which is on sale right now for $31. Now if only the AZ weather will stay cool enough to justify that purchase.

Are you a fan of the chenille trend? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. Haha, chenille better be here to stay! I own about 8 items in it, lol!! Who wouldn’t want to feel like they are wrapped in a cozy blanket all day!!!

  2. Awesome picks! That sweater looks so soft and cozy on you and it looks perfect with jeans! I love a good cozy sweater wrapped around me❤️

  3. Yes girl! I thought about the 90s when I first saw all the chenille pieces coming back too, but they fit the stay at home mama lifestyle so perfectly! I’m all about cozy and cute pieces! Love how you styled the cardigan.

    xx Kristina

  4. That cardigan looks so cute! I love the colour of it too! I’m just like you, I am a sucker for anything cozy!

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