Suede and Leather Jackets

The prettiest cognac leather jacket

There are some things that never go out of style. Denim, a good tote bag, trench coats and leather jackets. Yes, the cuts may vary slightly over the years, but for the most part, these classic items remain staples in our closets.

I love a good leather jacket

I’ve always said I do my best to be a sensible shopper. But let me clarify – sensible does not equal cheap. There are some things in life that are worth the splurge and a real leather jacket is one of them (sorry PETA). I can spot a faux leather coat a mile away and it just can’t compete with the buttery goodness of the real deal. Technically, suede is a specific type of leather so I’m including suede jackets in this post as well. However, I’ll admit there are some really, really good suede substitutes out there. If you can’t afford the real thing, go with a faux suede instead of faux leather.

I actually purchased both a suede and leather jacket during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale back in July. I couldn’t decide which one I loved more at the time, but knew I would be taking one back given the mild AZ winters. After a ton of consideration, I decided my heart was with this cognac leather jacket. The brown suede one I purchased was pretty, but felt more trendy than classic. I did like it, but back it went to the store. Classic is where I love to splurge and trendy is where I prefer to save.

My exact jacket by Bernardo is sold out, but this one is almost identical in cut and color. I’ve even had a few opportunities to wear it on various trips over the last couple months and can’t wait for it to be in the regular rotation.

The most gorgeous cognac leather jacket

I love leather jackets because they can easily be dressed up or dressed down. Clearly, jeans and boots are my fall and winter go-to, so throwing on a jacket like this one is easy peasy for me (I think my 3 year old is rubbing off on my writing). I also own a black leather jacket that is the one I reach for when I’m looking to dress things up a bit more. You can’t go wrong with either color.

As always, I did the research and found a bunch of my favorite leather jackets up for grabs right now. Click through the arrows to see a few of my favorites.

Do you think a good leather jacket is worth the splurge? Let me know in the comments below!

A leather jacket is a classic closet staple