Friday Favorites

The perfect maxi to transition from summer to fall

Happy Friday! Not only is it Friday, it is the beginning of a long weekend for many of us. As of right now, my family has zero plans so we can’t wait to take it easy and see where the weekend takes us. But before I mentally check out for the weekend, I decided to bring you a few of my recent favorite things. I don’t know why, but I always love reading favorite thing posts. They tend to include random stuff that I never knew I needed. Today’s blog post is just that. Random stuff that I love and want to share with the world. Let’s do it.

I’ve needed a new pair of running shoes for a while now. I run on my toes (I blame years of gymnastics for that) so I wear out the treads on my shoes in record time. I’ve been slipping all over the place for a while now so finally bit the bullet and ordered myself a new pair of kicks. I’ve been wearing Nike Zoom Pegasus shoes for years since they tend to fit my feet just right. They have support, but not too much support, and always have cute styles. I’m obsessed with this rainbow sunburst pattern. New RoadRunner Sports customers can use code CYX1C857 to take $25 off a pair of shoes, plus 10% off everything else. These beauties will be arriving at my house sometime next week.

Absolutely love these skincare products

I’ll admit, as a blogger I’m lucky to receive many packages containing various skincare products. It is so fun to try them all out, but I often use the new products for a week and go back to using my old stuff. The folks at Cyantific Skincare sent me their Complete Anti-Aging Package (C/O) a few months ago and I’m hooked. It comes with a daily serum, moisturizer with SPF and a night cream. I’ve never used a serum like this one before, but it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and fresh. I then follow it with the daily lotion containing SPF 30. For years, I’ve been looking for a good lotion with SPF and I finally found this one that I like. Also, the night cream is like putting liquid gold on my face.

All the products have a very light, pleasant fragrance. I’m super weird about lotions with scents and I love how these smell in the bottle, but I can’t smell the fragrance once it goes on my face. I honestly was not required to include these products in a blog post and the people at Cyantific have no clue I have loved the products as much as I do. I truly have been using them and am sharing them on my own accord.

Update: After I published this post, Cyantific Skincare reached out to me with a 30% off discount for my readers! Use promo code SensibleShopaholic when placing an order.

Best maxi under $20 EVER

Those of you who follow me on Instagram got a sneak peek of this dress last week. I’m obsessed. I think everyone out there needs a navy maxi dress (C/O Romwe) like this one to take them from summer to fall. It only costs $14, fits true-to-size and would look adorable with a jacket on top. Oh so comfy, too.

Love this floral maxi for fall

One of my most-used daily items is my Hydro Flask. I was very skeptical of these pricey water bottles when I first saw people everywhere toting them around. They aren’t cheap (my exact 32 oz version is $44) and I didn’t understand how a water bottle could cost that much. Heck, they aren’t even dishwasher safe!! However, I’ve had mine since Christmas and I’ve proceeded to become one of “those people”. I can put ice in it before I go to bed and it is still there in the morning, the 32 oz size is perfect for me (they also make a 40 oz), and the straw has amazing suckage (is that a word?!?!). I’ve definitely saved more than $44 since I no longer buy bottled water, plus it is better for the environment. My husband agreed with me and ordered himself one, and I even sucked it up and bought my kids the 12 oz version. If you are on the fence on the Hydro Flask, go for it. You won’t regret it.

How fun are these striped leggings?!

I’ve gotten a TON of questions from various people about the K-Deer leggings you guys may have seen on my Instagram account. Yes, K-Deer was nice enough to send a couple pairs to me to test out, but I’m honestly in love with them. The stripes are so unique and attract compliments big-time, but they aren’t just cute. They stay up, don’t itch, wash well and fit true-to-size. Check out the K-Deer website for the full collection.

What have you been digging lately?