Trend Alert: Gingham

Navy gingham

I know what you are thinking. Was gingham ever out of style? Heck, no. Can you really call gingham “trendy”? This year you can. Gingham is one of of those trends where you won’t look back at pictures in 5 years and wonder “what was I thinking??” I’ve seen gingham popping up all over the place this year and I like it. A lot.

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 Off the shoulder gingham

My husband had to go to LA for work this week, so the kids and I decided to tag along and make a little family vacation out of it. Not exactly a vacation for my husband given he had to drive all of us here (complete with 4 bathroom breaks for the kids and good old LA traffic), plus do his actual job during the week. However, the rest of us are having a ball playing in the sand and enjoying our first official week of summer vacation.

Black and white checked dress

I wore this dress to dinner the other night right on the beach in Venice. These photos were taken in a sleepier part of town, just up the road in Marina Del Rey. Let’s just say if these photos were taken in Venice, it would be slightly different scenery. My off-the-shoulder gingham dress came from the shelves of good old Target and only set me back $23.

Gingham trend

I went through a few of my favorite shopping websites and found some super cute and affordable gingham choices for summer. I’m also trying out a new widget that allows me to add my own commentary for each item. You can use the arrows to scroll through the options below.

Will you be wearing gingham this summer?



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