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Sugarfix review

In case you haven’t noticed by now, I have a liiiiitle bit of a jewelry problem. I really love jewelry. Expensive jewelry, cheap jewelry, delicate jewelry and statement jewelry. I can find a use for all of it. If I actually get “dressed up” (meaning anything above and beyond my workout clothes), you’ll usually see me in earrings, a necklace and some kind of bracelet. Obviously, there is such a thing as too many accessories, but the right piece of jewelry can totally change an outfit. I’ve been a big fan of BaubleBar for a while now because they always have fun and trendy items in cute colors. However, most of their stuff always felt a tad expensive for costume jewelry. Leave it to Target to fix that problem by rolling out their latest collaboration: SugarFix by BaubleBar.

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Teal Baublebar earrings

Some Target stores are carrying the line, but I was disappointed to find my local store didn’t have any of the collection in stock. Last week, I asked several friendly associates if they had seen any BaubleBar or SugarFix pieces in the jewelry department and all I received was weird looks, almost like I was speaking a foreign language. As if “SugarFix” and “BaubleBar” aren’t commonly spoken words. Gosh. Don’t mind me Phoenix Target employees, I’m just a little old fashion blogger, looking for some bargain jewelry. Even the manager on the walkie talkie was clueless. I’ll fully acknowledge I’m the weirdo here since I’ve been anticipating this collection for weeks. But anyway, onto the baubles.

Baublebar tassel earrings

I was pretty proud of myself because I spent some time browsing the collection on Target’s website and successfully checked out with only two pieces of jewelry (let’s not talk about the other 5 things I threw in my cart from the kid’s clothing department. That’s a whole different story). I could have bought more, but I’m trying to show a little restraint in my old age. Aren’t my white and turquoise ombre tassel earrings adorable?! Tassel earrings are going to be huge this spring and summer and this pair only costs $12.99.

Royal blue tassel earrings

Given my deep love (obsession?) of tassels, I also picked up these cobalt blue beaded tassel earrings, which also only cost $12.99 I thought they were cute in the picture, but they are even prettier in person. This is a problem because I now want these earrings in every other color available. So much for showing restraint.

Royal blue accessories

I honestly think a cute statement earring like these can really change an outfit. For example, take my plain old white t-shirt, jeans and sneaker look. The earrings and bag really boost it up a few notches.

Baublebar statement necklace

There were a few other pieces from the collection that caught my eye. How cute is this colorful statement necklace? It is $21.99 and available in another color combo as well. Throw this beauty on with a black t-shirt and you are ready for just about any occasion.

Gold tassel necklace

This long layered necklace is $16.99 and makes wearing a choker style necklace easy. It reminds me of a Kendra Scott necklace that I own and love, minus the tassels at the bottom. Super cute.

   Navy tassel earrings

And just because I love tassels so much, I couldn’t resist including this string tassel pair as well in my post. The stones are pretty, I love the navy and white combo and they only cost $12.99.

Have you heard of SugarFix or BaubleBar before? What do you think of the collection?

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