3 Trends To Look For This Spring

Tasseled top

I know that spring clothing can vary big time, depending on where you live. Whether you are enjoying 76 degree weather right now (me) or shoveling your way out of a snowstorm (those of you in the Northeast), the weather can play a big part in how “springy” we want to dress. Even if it isn’t warm where you live, there is no reason we can’t start embracing a few of the trends now that are going to be popular over the coming months. These trends will work regardless of the temperature outside.

I’ve partnered up with Jane.com to spread the word and review their awesome clothing selection. Those of you who have read my blog for a while know I’ve been a long-time fan of Jane.com and have linked to them many times before. They sell super cute stuff at crazy affordable prices. Basically my kind of shop. You should know that they introduce new items daily and rotate the items available. Some of these pieces shown in this post are not available today, but there is a good chance they will pop back up for sale in the future. Even more of a reason to check back periodically on the deals!

Now onto the trends…

1. Tassels – Anyone who read my blog last year knows my love of tassels has been in full effect for a while. I love tassels. They are the most fun way to add a little sass and dress up any outfit for spring or summer. They were big last year and are here to stay for this year as well (woo hoo!!!!). This grey top with white fringe tassels on the bottom is seriously the most perfect spring top ever. It has long sleeves so you can still wear it when it is chilly outside, and the tassels help transition it to the next season. It is also long enough to wear with jeans or leggings and only costs $18.99!

Grey Olive fringe shirt

Grey shirt with tassels

2. Stripes – In my opinion, stripes will never go out of style, but they go hand-in-hand with spring. Choose a white and <insert any other color> top or dress and you are ready for the season. I love this white and charcoal grey reverse peplum top (the peplum is only in the back), which is also from Jane.com. I love the magenta necklace I wore with it for a little pop of color. Great shirt for only $19.99.

Peplum shirt with stripes

White and Grey shirt with stripes

3. Embroidery – Embroidery is going to be really popular again this spring and summer. Those little details are really important to me and totally can boost an outfit to the next level. I love this white top with blue embroidery, which really gives it a chic boho look. The neckline is adjustable so you can easily wear this one on or off the shoulder. Plus it has little tassels on the bottom of the strings (like I said, I really like tassels). Again, this one is under $20!

Boho embroidered top White and blue spring top
Peasant top

Have you shopped at Jane.com before? If you like cute stuff at good prices, check them out!


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  1. Can’t wait to see these trends appear. You are certainly wearing them with style.

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