Trend Alert: Metallic Sneakers


I absolutely LOVE the metallic sneaker trend that is all over the place right now. Nothing like a practical, comfortable shoe trend for us to walk our way into winter. I know that boots are a girl’s best friend this time of year, but let’s face it, most boots aren’t crazy comfortable. A cute, trendy pair of sneakers is right up my alley.

Now, I’m 100% partial to gold. There is absolutely nothing wrong with silver. For me, it is a good back-up option. I featured all gold shoes below, because, well, that’s what I like. If you like silver, order silver. I bet they will be equally as awesome.

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If I had to pick a favorite, I’d go with this pair of New Balance 620 sneakers. They are exclusively available at J. Crew and are the prettiest gold metallic color. I spotted them earlier this week on Instagram (let’s be honest, that’s where I get all my fashion inspiration) and couldn’t resist stopping in a J. Crew store yesterday to try them on. They are actually a little shinier in person than they look in the product photo above, and they fit true to size. I think the picture at the very top of this blog post, which I took myself in the dressing room, is a better representation of the color. My birthday is later this month and these are on the top of my wish list!


Until I spotted the New Balances above, I was convinced these gold Adidas Superstars were meant to live in my house with me. It is still very possible that these will come in first place. You know, in the Jenny Shoe Olympics. Moving on…


I absolutely love Converse on other people. I ordered a pair last year and I felt like they looked goofy on my feet from above, so they were promptly returned to Nordstrom. However, if you are one of those awesome people who can pair Converse with everything in your closet, you should totally order these metallic Chuck Taylors. I’ve been thinking about giving them another try, and these make them even more tempting.


I’ve seen a few people wearing these Nike Air Max sneakers in bronze, and the overall color was absolutely gorgeous. They are a little clunkier than the other pairs above, but I think the air pocket looks super comfy.


Last year around this time, I wrote a similar blog post all about slip on sneakers. Slip ons are still super popular and I’ve been wearing mine like crazy. I mean, who has time for laces? I love this rose gold pair of Vans, which is basically an upgraded version of last year’s trendy sneaker.     target-mad-love-gold-quilted-sneaker

If you love the shoes above but dislike the prices, go for this pair of Target metallic slip on sneakers. They are only $24.99 which is an amazing price. Through 11/5, Target has $10 off a $40 fashion purchase using code STYLE. If you are even thinking about ordering these, you might as well throw something else in your cart and take $10 off.

Are you a fan of metallic sneakers?



    • I’m in love with the color of those rose gold Nikes. So cute!! I think the New Balances might be calling my name. Have a great weekend!!

  1. Just got the gold NB! Thanks Jenny! These are just what I was looking for;)

    • Yay!!! I’m totally getting these for my B-day at the end of the month. Aren’t they the cutest?!?!

    • My birthday is at the end of this month and they are totally #1 on my wish list!!

  2. I have noticed that metallic is showing up in fashion again. i was not sure how I would like it, but those Adidas are too cute. I’ll have to check them out.

  3. I love metallic sneakers! They are adorable, and look awesome with everything! So happy for a super fun and cute trend, we can be comfy too!

  4. Yes! I love gold too. I’m not much of a sneaker person but if the few pairs I owned were gold, it could make a significant difference.

  5. Love the metallic sneaks, very on trend. I remember way back some 20 years ago when metallic sneaks were all the rage. I still have a few vintage pairs of metallic LA Gear sneaks. Certainly vintage but not big on comfort like your New Balance sneaks.

    • LA Gear!! I forgot about those! You still have them? You must have quite the shoe closet! Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

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