Lululemon We Made Too Much!

It has been a while since I’ve done a post on Lululemon sale items. My lulu posts always get a lot of love, probably because it doesn’t get much more comfortable than luon goodness. Overpriced gym clothes? Probably, but I find I wear my Lululemon stuff 10x more than the rest of the stuff in my drawers. I’m justifying it because the cost per wear for me is really low. There are currently 130 items on the We Made Too Much page (click here for all sale item), but here are my favorites:


My favorite item currently on the We Made Too Much page is probably this Cool Racerback Lace tank for $34  (originally $48). It is hard to tell from the picture above, but there is a lace dot detail on the back , which isn’t present in the plan Cool Racerback tanks. I don’t own this tank (yet), but the reviews all say it runs big so make sure to size down!


I’m totally in love with this Var-City muscle tank, which is marked down to $49 (originally $58). There is a girl at my gym that wears this tank on a regular basis and I have serious tank top envy every time I see her wearing it in class. Yes, I should be focusing more on my squats and burpees, but instead I’m thinking about tank tops. Shopping problems?? Yes, yes I do. This tank is only available in a size 12 right now, but if you are a 12, buy it. It is awesome in person.


I also love this Salute the Sun singlet. I think this is lulu’s updated version of the 105 degree singlet, which I own in a couple colors. A few of the reviews bash the hole in the back, but I think it is really cute on the other ladies who own it in my gym. Not too bad of a price at $39 (originally $54).


I know I’ve said it before, but I’m a huge fan of the lulu Wunder Unders. You really can’t go wrong with this classic pair of crops. The blue pair is actually reversible and has navy blue on the opposite side (also available in two pink colors). The bright pink pair  above isn’t reversible, but it does feature a high rise. High rise leggings are all the rage lately because who doesn’t want a little extra smoothing in the middle? Both styles are $69 (originally $88).


Finally, the lulu Speed Shorts are my go-to. All my workout buddies also rave about this style and how they are better than the competition. I’m actually surprised to see a few pairs of speed shorts on sale because these usually get snatched up quickly. Both of these styles are on sale for $44 (originally $58) and there are also a few additional patterns available for $49.

Are you a lulu fan like I am?