Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (Early Access)

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For a sale shopper like me, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is my Christmas in July come true. It really doesn’t get any better because Nordstrom takes huge price cuts on upcoming items for fall. These aren’t leftover summer items in odd colors and sizes. These are new items and trends that are marked down before they hit the shelves. And if I’m being totally honest, I made my first purchase before I even went to the bathroom this morning. It is that good.

In order to get early access (which runs today through July 21st), you have to have a Nordstrom credit card. The sale opens to everyone on July 22nd and prices go back up August 8th. You don’t actually have to use the credit card to purchase your items, but you have to enter your CC info to gain early access. I actually never use my Nordstrom credit card, but I keep it for early access privileges. My husband used to give me a hard time about having a Nordstrom credit card because he is one of those who likes all our purchases to go on one card so we can accumulate points. Until recently when we ran our credit reports and my Nordstrom card is actually one of mine where I have the longest credit history. So now it serves two purposes, it gives me early sale access and helps my credit score. Ha!!!

OK, onto the good stuff. I’ll probably end up doing more than one post over the next few weeks because there is that much good stuff. Here are a few of my favorites.

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Since I tend to get more use out of my accessories than anything else in my closet, I went straight for the jewelry. I love the Kendra Scott pieces that are marked down (shocking, I know). This Rae necklace is amazing and I love the Elton station cuff bracelet.  Prices range from $42.90 – 49.90 for the necklace ($65 – 75 after the sale) or $35.90 – $42.90 ($55 – 65 after the sale). I went with the pyrite finish because I think it is gorgeous and it was a tad bit cheaper than the mother of pearl finishes, but you can’t go wrong with either option.


One day in life, I will own a pair of Hunter rain boots. The only problem is the fact I live in the desert and it has been months since I’ve seen rain. I don’t exactly have a good use for them, but it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t tell other people to buy them. I think this Redefined Original style is perfect, especially for $129.90 ($195 after the sale). If you live somewhere cold or rainy, you should buy these. And think of me every time you wear them!


Does anyone remember Adidas Superstar shoes from their childhood, or am I just aging myself? Back in 7th grade, my mom purchased me a white pair of Superstars with green stripes that I swore fit me perfectly. In reality, they were actually a size and a half too big, but they were the only pair the store had I wanted them THAT BAD. They fell off my feet with every step but I was ok with it because I loved them and my friends were jealous of them. Ridiculous, right? Well many years later, Adidas Superstars are back in style!!! The plain white Superstars are $59.90 ($79.95 after the sale), or I’m also a fan of the Stan Smith version, which is pretty similar and goes for the same price. If I decide to order a pair, I’ll make sure they fit this time!


Booties are proving to be big again this year, which is good since most of us likely have a pair in our closet by now. I really like these suede Treasure and Bond booties with the wooden heel. They also come in black and chestnut, but I like the sand color the best.


I’m getting pretty darn close to potty training my youngest daughter, which means I’m getting closer to ditching the diaper bag for daily use. I refuse to purchase a new bag until the last of the diapers are gone, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’ve started to think about what type of replacement bag I want to get. I really love this Tory Burch convertible leather bag. The straps can be doubled over to wear it on the shoulder, or leave them long and wear it as a cross-body. It is doubtful the potty training will  happen before the sale is over on August 8th, but I can dream, right??


How cute is this embroidered dress in black? It has a lace-up detail on the top part of the back, which has been a big trend this year. I usually don’t like the lace-up trend in the front, but I actually think it adds a little something in the back, and I like this one doesn’t dip too deep. Only $24.90 for this dress ($38 after the sale).


I ordered a pair of Zella Live In leggings during last year’s Anniversary Sale and proceeded to wear them approximately 4,979 times since then. These are the perfect pair of leggings that can be dressed up with a sweater or worn to work out. I’m going to order another pair this year, but I can’t decide if I am going to get another pair of the plain basic Live In leggings, or get a pair of High Rise with Mesh.  There is also a crop option here too. Only $33.90 – $37.90 ($52-58 after the sale). Decisions, decisions.


How cute is this Chelsea28 lace detail tank? It is great because you can wear it as a tank now or pair it with a sweater or jacket when the weather starts cooling down. Not too bad of a price either at $45.90 ($68 after the sale).


The fringe trend is still running strong, which means I have plans to get a fringe cardigan for fall and winter. If I’m being honest, I’ll probably pair it with my Live In leggings from above to create a stylish and uber-comfy outfit. This Billabong fringe cardigan is $45.90 ($69.95 after the sale).


I love MAC make-up because they always have the best colors, but it is expensive. How great are these MAC Look in a Box sets, which are a $70 value but only $39.50 during the sale? I need a new mascara so there is a good chance one of these will make its way to Phoenix with my name on it.

What are you favorite items from the sale?