Bargain Hunting at Old Navy

Happy Monday, everyone! I spent my weekend preparing for what might be the most ambitious trip ever with two toddlers. My sister-in-law lives in Perth, Australia so we are taking the kids and going to visit her. We figured we might as well hit up neighboring New Zealand and Bali, Indonesia while we are there, because it isn’t like we are in that neck of the woods everyday. We leave later on this week and it will likely be the trip of a lifetime. Although I could probably do without the 15 hour flight with my kids. #prayforme

Since the seasons are opposite on that side of the world, I’ve spent the last couple days picking up a few cold-weather pieces for my kiddos who magically outgrew their fall and winter stuff in the last few months. We stopped at Old Navy this morning and I was pumped (do people still say that?!?!) to find a couple cute clearance items for myself for DIRT CHEAP. I clearly love fancy brand-name clothing, but I have absolutely no problem pairing my designer jeans and accessories with a $3 Old Navy shirt. In fact, I’d say this is a big part of how I dress. And why my husband loves me. It is called balance.

While I’d love to only write about Tory Burch and Kendra Scott sales, that isn’t my shopping reality. Therefore, I’m sharing a few of my bargain basement finds with you today. Personally, I recommend going into an Old Navy store to try on before you buy couple reasons: 1) the prices in the store are WAY cheaper, and 2) as with most clearance items, they usually end up there because they don’t fit a lot of people correctly. I find I buy a lot less and avoid returns if I try stuff on first. While it was painful to do so today with my kids in tow, I did it. Here’s what I scored:


How cute is this printed linen-blend cocoon dress? I’ve long-professed my love of shift dresses and this one fits the bill perfectly. It is a flattering length and not overwhelming on my small frame at all. I actually love how Old Navy paired it with booties, but I see myself wearing it with sandals all summer long. I’m bringing it with me on my trip and hope to throw a jean jacket over it for cooler days. is still trying to charge $24.97, but I snagged it for $6.99!!!! Yes, under $7! #steal

cn10514068 (1)

There is only one plus size of this relaxed fringe tee available online, but my local store had a bunch of these on the clearance rack in various sizes. It was super comfortable and I’m in love with the fringe detail. I’m already planning to wear this one with leggings and a jean jacket or sweater on top. Guess how much this one set me back? $3.97!


I’m a total sucker for cheap, comfy t-shirts, and this loose fit linen blend tee was perfection. They only had the grey in my size, but there were also a couple ivory ones floating around my local store as well. I see myself wearing this one on the airplane with leggings and sneakers. This tee is currently going for $7 online, but I paid $4.49 in the store.


I also grabbed this relaxed chiffon back tank in blush for $3.99 ($7 online). It isn’t my all-time favorite tank I’ve ever purchased, but it fit great and the chiffon in the back actually dressed it up a bit. It also doesn’t hurt that I already packed a scarf that matches it perfectly. I’ve been loving blush pink this spring, but there is also a purple and olive green option if pink isn’t you thing.


I tried on this embroidered gauze tank in one size too big hoping it would fit, but sadly, it runs true to size. It was very cute though and reminded me a lot of this J. Crew tank I already own and love. I forget the exact in-store price, but I want to say it was somewhere around $10 (it is going for $14.97 online).

All in all, I walked out of my local Old Navy store spending less than $20 and have a few cute, comfortable, trendy and versatile items in my hand. How do you feel about shopping the clearance racks?  Also, if anyone has any packing tips for overseas trips, I’d love to hear them!!