lululemon We Made Too Much – New Sale Items!!

My husband regularly makes fun of me because I obsessively check the lululemon We Made Too Much page. The key to snagging lululemon on sale is grabbing the good stuff as soon as it is released. Through experience, I’ve noticed lulu tends to add new sale items online at odd times in the evening. I’m talking around 8 or 9 PM PST, and tonight was one of those nights!! I’ve never once seen an email advertising new sale items so consistently checking is the key to a deal at lulu.

As you can guess, act quick if you want one of the items below because they won’t be available for long. Remember, shipping is always free, but all We Made Too Much items are final sale.

LW1N04S_1322_1 LW1N04S_023226_2

I initially scrolled past this Sweaty Endeavor tank because of the price tag. Even on sale, it is still $54 (originally $68). Honestly, the only reason I clicked on it was because I was flat out curious why it was so expensive. I’m not familiar with this specific tank, so there had to be a good reason. Well, there is my friends. The Sweaty Endeavor not only has a cool name, but it features a DETACHABLE tank and bra. A two-for-one?! Now you’re talking.

Think back to a couple years ago when the attached bra/tank combo was all the rage. Well, most of us realized that trying to wiggle into the attached bra/tank combo was almost as annoying as trying to fold it straight out of the dryer (am I the only one who had to turn mine inside out 5x before I figure it out?). Well, now you can wear them together or separate them and mix and match with other items. If you break that down by item, it is only $27 for the tank and $27 for the bra. I now think the Sweaty Endeavor tank is a bargain. #girlmath

LW5K49S_023606_1 LW6HAOS_022576_1

I’ve long professed my love of Wunder Unders. They are a lulu classic and can do no wrong in my eyes. I particularly like this purple pair because they are REVERSIBLE. Back in the day, most Wunder Unders were reversible but I don’t see the reversible option as much anymore. These are purple on one side and black on the other. Another two-for-one! Even on sale they are $79 (originally $98), but it is almost like getting two pairs of leggings for $39.50 each. #moregirlmath

I’m in love with the bright blue color on these Wunder Under crops for $69 (originally $88). I particularly like wearing crops in the spring when you don’t needed the added ankle coverage to keep you warm.


I’ve said it before, but strappy bras are super popular in athleisure fashion right now. No need to find a tank to hide this sports bra because it is meant to be seen. I really like this Free to Be bra (Wild), which is marked down to $39 (originally $48).


The Cool Racerback tank is pretty much your standard workout top. I own this style in a bunch in different colors and the classic fit will be around forever. This black and white pattern is cute for $34 (originally $42).


If you are located in a part of the country where it regularly rains (meaning not the desert, like me), a good rain coat is worth the investment. I love this Rain On Jacket, which is available in 4 different colors. It looks a lot dressier than most of lulu’s previous rain jackets and this one could easily be worn on top of your work clothes. The $139 price tag is better than paying full price ($198).


Finally, the last item is the cheapest. Nothing wrong with that, right? Most of the year, I exercise outside and a good running hat or visor is hard to find. This Fast Paced Run Visor is only $19 (originally $28).

How do you feel about snagging lululemon on sale?