My Review on Fabletics


I think we’ve all seen the Fabletics advertisements plastering the internet featuring Kate Hudson’s rock-hard abs (which isn’t fair since she has several kids). I’ve been tempted to try out the company for a while, especially since they claim to have $25 outfits. I’ve complimented other girls at my workout classes wearing cute strappy tanks that I’ve come to find out were made by Fabletics. I really didn’t know much about the company before a few weeks ago other than they appear to make cute stuff.


I spend my fair share of time in workout clothing. I’ve long professed my obsession with lululemon and regularly check out the sales at places like Athleta, Lucy, Lorna Jane and Zella (Nordstrom). Especially since I became a stay-at-home mom, I’ve really embraced the athleisure lifestyle. Probably a little too much, but in my defense, I do wear the clothing for exercise purposes as well. I generally work out anywhere between 4-6 times a week, so my exercise attire does take a beating (or maybe that’s me when my instructors are making me do more sprints).

A couple weeks back, Fabletics was running a $15 outfit special for new VIP customers including free shipping on the first order. Now they were talking my language. I figured if there was ever a time to try Fabletics, it was when they were running a promotion that would cost me less than $20. So I created a “free” VIP profile and my screen was quickly filled with all kinds of fine print describing the benefits of my membership. Fabletics would be keeping my credit card on file and by becoming a VIP member, I now am eligible to purchase outfits each month for discounted prices. I have till the 5th of each month to skip the month and not make a purchase. If I don’t log into my account to skip the month, I’ll be charged $49.95 for future store credit. This can continue every single month until I cancel my membership. OUCH, this is how they get people. Surprise #1

After I got past the fine print, I was promptly given a 60 minute time span to pick out a discounted outfit. 60 minutes?! I didn’t realize that by signing up, I was on the clock to get the deal. While I’m usually quick to decide what I like and what I don’t, I was lying in bed and wasn’t exactly in the mood to make an impulse purchase. Surprise #2.


Love the pants. Hate the top.

I quickly learned the outfits are your best deal. Some outfits were marked $15 for the promo, some $25 and some $50+. I browsed the outfits and while a lot were cute, I didn’t necessarily care for some of the items Fabletics paired together. I liked a pair of crops, but the coordinating tank wasn’t my style. I’d like a tank from another outfit, but the shorts were way to casual to wear for exercise purposes. I did have the option to pick different sizes for each piece (you can order a small in the tank and a medium in the pants), which is nice. While you can purchase each item individually at a higher price (e.g., an outfit would be $59.95 but the top would be $24.95 and crops $44.95 if purchased separately), there was no option to mix-and-match pre-set outfit styles. Surprise #3.

I then noticed there was a “Sale” section on the website. I’ve never met a sale I didn’t like so I quickly ventured over to the sale section (remember, the clock is ticking for me to take advantage of the offer). Since it was my first purchase, Fabletics was giving me an extra percentage off of one sale item. Honestly, I was so confused on the pricing they were offering me at this point, and I’ve always been really good at math (no joke, I got an A+ in Calculus in college. #nerdalert). But I found a pair of multi-color Adrian shorts I loved marked for $8.99. I generally prefer working out in shorts when it is hot out, which is most of the year since I live in sunny Arizona. I promptly added the shorts to my cart.


I ordered these Adrian shorts

I went back to revisit the outfits and decided none of them were for me. I browsed the individual items and initially added a tank to my cart, but then it changed the pricing on my shorts. At the end of the day, I ended up forgoing my $15 outfit deal for one pair of $8.99 shorts with free shipping.

I received my shorts a couple weeks ago and I LOVE THEM. The colors are great, they fit true-to-size and washed nicely. I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on them and several people asked me if they were from lulu. I’d say the fabric is a little thinner than my beloved lululemon Speed Shorts, but a close alternative.


Here are my overall thoughts on my Fabletics shopping experience:

Pricing: I think their pricing model is wayyyy too confusing. There is pricing for non-members, VIP members and then sale pricing. There is also an unknown additional discount for first time buyers. I didn’t like how purchasing individual items was more than an outfit, and that you can only get sale prices if you spend more than $49.95 in other items. Clearly, they are trying to encourage people to buy the outfits and then purchase a sale item or two as an add-on. The model doesn’t work for people who periodically pick up a sale item here or there like me.

Selection: There were a lot of very, very cute items to choose from. I think everyone could easily find something they like on the site. They even offer swim! I’ve heard from other ladies in my workout classes that the best outfits sell out very quickly.

Membership: I don’t like that they will charge my credit card each and every month if I don’t make a purchase or manually skip the month until I cancel. They do send you reminders for the first couple days of each month.

Quality: I’m very, very happy with the quality of my Adrian shorts.

Shipping: I got free shipping on my first order as a part of the promo. However for all future orders, shipping in the lower 48 in the US is a flat rate $4.95 unless you spend $49.95 (then it is free). Return shipping is free, but if you choose to return an item instead of exchanging it, you will incur a $5.95 restocking fee.

Outfits: On first glance, I like a lot of the outfits, but were they were they really full outfits I could see myself wearing? No.

Conclusion: I skipped this month and see myself cancelling my VIP membership soon. I’m afraid I’ll forget to skip a month and incur an unknown amount of store credits. I don’t spend $50 each month on workout clothes, and it is clear that the outfits (which generally cost around $50) are the best deal. The pricing model isn’t my favorite, and I hate that there is a shipping charge for orders under $50. With that being said, I am a fan of my shorts so far. I’ll continue to occasionally browse the site, but doubt it will replace lululemon in my heart.

If you have the option to try out Fabletics for a $25 outfit promotion, I’d recommend it. But do so knowing they might continue to charge your credit card in future months.

This was not a sponsored post. I was not compensated for any items and am simply sharing my thoughts given my love of athleisure.